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Tip of the week: Porting numbers into Zendesk Voice

Laatst gewijzigd January 12, 2016

For the best audio quality and overall Zendesk Talk experience, we highly recommend that you port any existing customer service numbers into Zendesk Talk. In most cases, this means moving your current phone number from your existing telecom carrier to our carrier, Twilio.

In this week’s tip on porting numbers into Zendesk Talk, we cover a few things to keep in mind when making decisions about porting, and explain the four most common number porting scenarios and the steps you need to take to make changes. These include:

  • Porting a number owned by another carrier to Zendesk Talk
  • Porting a number from your existing Twilio account to Zendesk Talk
  • Moving a number from one Zendesk account to another
  • Porting a number out of Zendesk Talk

Head to the forums for step-by-step instructions for each porting scenario

Keep the knowledge flowing! For more tips like this, check out Zendesk’s Tip of the Week collection.

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