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Multiple brands, one Zendesk: introducing Multibrand

Laatst gewijzigd March 17, 2015

Whether you’re a local shop or an international conglomerate, consumers expect your brand to stay consistent throughout their experience of doing business with you. That expectation provides a special challenge for companies that manage multiple brands. As you can imagine, things quickly get complicated.

How do you ensure that multiple groups of customers receive the same level of support? Do you split up your support team and dedicate certain people to each specific brand? Do you set up and manage separate software solutions (or separate instances of the same technology) to support each customer segment?

When it comes to companies with unique and distinct brands under their umbrella, one thing is certain: A one-size-fits-all approach to support isn’t going to work. While that approach is perhaps most convenient for your company, it’s just not going to leave the customers of your individual brands with the same warm-and-fuzzies that they get when the customer experience completely matches the brands they know and love.

Zendesk’s new Multibrand feature was designed with these challenges in mind. Multibrand’s centralized command center streamlines administration and agent workflows so that support teams working in a single Zendesk account can tailor customer service experiences for each brand, in a way that’s scalable. You can easily create separate customer portals and knowledge bases with a unique Help Center for each brand. You can establish business rules based on your brands for an intelligent workflow, and ‘brand’ is now a value on tickets that can easily be set and changed. With centralized user and activity data across all your brands, you can improve the quality of support every user receives across all your brands—and you can install apps and integrations that will work across all brands.

Starting today, Zendesk Enterprise accounts have the ability to use Multibrand to easily provide unique support experiences for each of their brands with a single Zendesk account.

Learn how to set up and manage Multibrand in your Zendesk

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