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What is the Zendesk Marketplace? How to find the best apps for your business

The Zendesk Marketplace is the second-largest cloud marketplace in SaaS. Discover the top apps and how they help businesses enhance the customer and employee experience.

Door Jenna Ochoa, Staff Writer

Laatst gewijzigd June 12, 2024

Whether you’re a longtime Zendesk customer or considering using Zendesk for your customer experience (CX) or employee experience (EX) needs, you’ll achieve greater results by connecting our software with apps and integrations from the Zendesk Marketplace.

Integrating your CX and EX data with other tools in your company’s tech stack ensures your customer data stays current across all channels. This enables your support agents to maintain an accurate view of each customer or employee, resulting in a more personalized experience.

Let’s explore the value of the Zendesk Marketplace and some of our most popular apps.

What is the Zendesk Marketplace?

Once your Zendesk instance is ready to deploy, go to the Zendesk Marketplace—the second-largest cloud marketplace in SaaS. Here, you’ll discover over 1,500 apps to address your business needs and enhance your data integration.

Every app and integration in the marketplace undergoes a thorough review to ensure it meets our development standards. While we always recommend that customers conduct their own evaluation, we are committed to maintaining a secure platform and vetting the apps available in our marketplace to create the best possible customer experience.

Zendesk has also invested in developing and maintaining a handful of Zendesk-built integrations, such as Jira, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Slack.

Over 58 percent of our customers have installed at least one marketplace app or integration, impacting nearly 75 percent of our annual recurring revenue (ARR). Our collaborative relationships with partners have allowed us to enhance efficiencies and improve customer retention.

You can see evidence of this success in our customer stories, most of which highlight the apps integrated into the customer’s Zendesk instance.

“By adding apps from the Zendesk Marketplace, our agents never have to channel switch and can stay in their Zendesk happy place for their entire shift.” Kailee Urban, Global Director of Customer Support at Fullstory

Top app categories

When navigating the Zendesk Marketplace, it’s helpful to browse by category. Here are the three most popular app categories.

1. Collaboration

Our Collaboration category contains some of the most-installed apps across the Zendesk customer base. Regardless of your business industry or size, this category holds value for your Zendesk instance.

Our Collaboration apps enable users to:

  • Unify support and engineering teams

  • View, create, and collaborate on tickets

  • Increase cross-functional collaboration

2. E-commerce and payments

The eComm and Payments category is essential for brands that sell products both online and in brick-and-mortar retail stores. Creating a seamless omnichannel retail customer experience depends on integrating your retail and payments tech stack into Zendesk.

With these apps, users can:

  • Automatically surface order information in tickets

  • See order return status and information directly in the agent interface

  • Unify all sales channels in a single support instance

  • Empower agents to send discount codes directly to customers

3. Employee experience

Improving the employee experience is an increasing priority for company leaders. In the Zendesk Employee Experience Trends Report, 80 percent of respondents said their company could improve its employee experience, with 71 percent agreeing that they receive better service as customers than as employees.

Employees who enjoy a more streamlined experience at work—such as less switching between applications—tend to have a more positive attitude, resulting in higher-quality work.

Employee experience apps help users effectively handle:

  • New employee onboarding
  • Management of leave and life events

  • Equipment and system admin

  • Technical support

“All of our integrations work well with Zendesk. Our average chat time is now less than 50 seconds.” Ben Segal, Senior Director of CX at Pair Eyewear

What you can do with an integrated tech stack

Now that you have an idea of the variety of use cases our Marketplace apps support, let’s look at a few of them in action.

1. Collaborate efficiently across teams

Our Collaboration apps are integrated into the majority of Zendesk instances because they ensure teams do not lose information by switching platforms. Connecting these apps allows you to share data between your tools and Zendesk, giving your teams accurate information.

The popular Jira integration for Zendesk enables agents to escalate and link Zendesk tickets to Jira issues, ensuring that bugs reported by customers or employees are not overlooked.

You can also fully customize the Zendesk Support for Jira integration to fit your teams’ workflows. Choose the Jira information you want to display in your Zendesk Support account and share tags from Zendesk Support to Jira as well.

2. Display order details and return information

The integrations in our eComm and Payments category are must-haves for any retail business, as they allow essential customer data to surface during a support experience.

Your agents benefit from having order and return information readily available before or during a customer interaction. It gives them an immediate, comprehensive view of the customer’s order or return data, enhancing their support conversations whether they occur via voice, chat, or another channel.

For example, the Shopify for Zendesk app not only grants access to order information but also empowers agents to quickly take action on that data and process common requests (like refunds and cancellations) directly from the Support sidebar app. Your team can easily navigate to additional data in Shopify by clicking the order ID.

“The Marketplace is wonderful because we don’t need to leave Zendesk to help our customers succeed. Agents can find all the tools they need and add them to their workspace without toggling between apps.” Teki Repalda, Global Head of Support at Sendle

3. Extend your employee experience

Supporting your employee experience by minimizing the need for systems-switching is precisely the aim of our EX apps. One of the most popular EX apps, AssetSonar, allows HR and IT teams to maintain better control over asset management directly within Zendesk.

For example, your agents can view requester profiles and associated items and purchase orders within the ticket. They can also link or unlink items to tickets and assign or perform maintenance actions directly within Zendesk—they never need to leave or switch to another system.

Additionally, with the Zendesk Teams integration, agents can resolve tickets faster, simplify their workflows, and boost their productivity and performance.

By integrating Microsoft Teams with your Zendesk instance, you combine your support environment with all internal communications, creating a streamlined ticket resolution process.

Enhance your CX and EX with the Zendesk Marketplace

Join the 58 percent of Zendesk customers already using Marketplace apps to extend their CX and EX functionality. Find the perfect apps for your business today.

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