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Falling for February integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Door Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Laatst gewijzigd April 29, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


Route (Support) is at the forefront of enhancing the post-purchase journey, offering unparalleled protection and convenience to both brands and their customers. Route’s strategic integration with Zendesk redefines customer support dynamics for e-commerce entities, enabling support representatives to seamlessly monitor, address, and initiate claims without ever leaving the Zendesk interface. This integration equips support teams with all the necessary tools and information to effectively resolve customer issues, ensuring a seamless and transparent post-purchase experience that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

UltimateGPT for Knowledge Base

UltimateGPT for Knowledge Base (Chat) enables customers to automate 60 percent of their digital support channels–decreasing costs, empowering agents, and delivering amazing customer experiences. Retain all of your conversation data in Zendesk–not a third-party app–route and enrich Zendesk tickets, create smart escalations to human agents, and measure your bot’s performance in Zendesk.

App Authorizations

App Authorizations (Support) helps you review app authorizations and revoke them if no longer needed. With this app, you can see integrations that have access to your Zendesk data. You can view when it was authorized, who authorized it, when it was last used. Most importantly, it also offers you the ability to revoke tokens you authorized that you want to cycle.

Next Matter

Next Matter (Support) connects tasks, teams, tools, and external people in automated workflows, designed to work exactly like you do. Trigger end-to-end workflows directly from Zendesk, and empower any support rep to boost customer experience by owning and resolving workflows like an expert. This tool and sidebar app enables you to run, track, and resolve complex support tickets without leaving Zendesk.

Additional apps added in February:

  • Shopify Cart Builder by Perfo (Support) lets you quickly create full carts for customers in the agent view sidebar. This app pulls in all the Shopify products and variants in the store and provides a UI to pick and choose variants and quantities, then outputs a URL with a pre-filled cart.
  • Stylo Sentiment Scores (Support) provides sentiment analysis, automated ticket categorization, and automation support. Identify and prioritize important tickets before customers escalate, automatically categorize and tag tickets for powerful reporting, unlock product insights with sentiment trends, track agent performance trends, and enhance customer care by identifying which accounts need attention sooner.
  • Octopia (Support) is a game-changer for seamless marketplace communication and efficient order management. With an easy installation process, Octopia consolidates messages from various marketplaces, providing a centralized hub for swift responses. Gain comprehensive insights into orders, ensuring informed customer interactions.
  • Telephony Integration by Knots (Support) is a simple solution that works with old telephone systems. Create a ticket as soon as an agent takes a call, providing comprehensive customer information upfront. Integrate with old systems, including Placetel, Alcatel, 3CX, Cisco, Swyx, Avaya, etc.
  • Ticket Export & Archive by Knots (Support) simplifies data management by allowing you to export tickets from Zendesk and store them in your SFTP/FTP server or cloud storage. You can customize the folder in your storage based on data your way–by ticket ID, requester data, etc.
  • Auralis (Support) is a comprehensive AI-powered service designed to improve customer service by offering a range of AI tools such as chatbots and intelligent automation. These tools provide instant answers to customer queries with high accuracy, enhancing satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Support Sidekick AI (Support) uses your Zendesk history and GPT so your agents can send better responses for less. Draft read-to-go before you even open Zendesk, analyze the email to extract questions, intent, or tone–and search through your closed ticket database to find the tickets most relevant to the customer’s question.
  • GrowthDot Suite Pro (Support) gives you access to GrowthDot’s four apps (Proactive Campaigns, Email Tracking, GDPR Compliance, and Sanctions Check) for one low price. It’s your all-in-one solution for email marketing, privacy compliance, and reputation management.
  • USU Agent Assist (Support) provides a widget that automatically searches for information relevant to the current open issue and displays it compactly. The agent can solve the issue using the information or can take over parts of it that are relevant to the solution.
  • Ticket Guardian (Support) transforms your Zendesk ticketing system into a powerhouse of efficiency and accuracy by integrating pre-send validation checks directly into your workflow. Ensure that every response meets your high standards for quality and personalization. It automatically checks tickets for common errors or omissions, such as unfilled placeholders, before they’re sent.
  • Onward Package Protection (Support) makes it so you can easily see which orders are protected with Onward VIP Protection+ and be able to make a claim on behalf of your customers from within Zendesk. Ensure customers get what they purchased while also rewarding them for being a loyal customer.
  • External Attachment Storage (Support) is a tool to manage and reduce the amount of attachment storage used within your Zendesk instance. Store attachments externally to Zendesk on an industry leading secure third-party storage system with the option to delete attachments after a given period, helping to comply with data protection and retention.
  • Gravite (Support) is an application to help product teams understand the issues they encounter by collecting user feedback from different sources. This seamless integration between Zendesk and Gravite helps you leverage tickets containing valuable customer feedback to continually improve your product based on your customers’ needs.
  • evaluagentCX (Support) helps contact centers improve the quality of sales and service interactions and provide an elevated and differentiated customer experience. By acting as a QA co-pilot, evaluagentCX identifies the must-monitor interactions, delivering time and process efficiencies and enabling rapid, measurable agent performance improvements through targeted coaching.
  • Shopware 6 Connector and Shopware 5 Connector by MorfDev (Support) allow you to connect your Shopware 5/6 stores and display customer information on the Zendesk side. In addition, the application can connect several Shopware 5/6 stores at the same time and display information for each store.
  • Translation by Language I/ – Inline (Support) enables support agents to communicate with customers in 100+ languages through tickets, messaging, and chat. The app allows agents to easily perform inbound and outbound translations directly within Zendesk’s conversation area, with the ability to adjust preference settings from the sidebar.
  • Multiple JIRA Instance By IntegrateCloud and Jira Service Management by Integrate Cloud (Support) create a seamless workflow between Zendesk Support tickets and Jira issues. Support teams can easily escalate and link Zendesk tickets to Jira issues. Notify engineering of bugs that are impeding your customer’s experience and get updates on the issue’s resolution—all from within Zendesk.

New themes added in February:

Aarlborg is a user-friendly theme with a minimalistic design. The theme is straightforward from both the user and admin sides, so you can easily find and enable necessary options and views. Moreover, users will feel comfortable visiting well-arranged pages.

Eidolic is an easy-to-navigate, professional, and mobile responsive theme for Help Center. Effortlessly customize headers, footers, and more without delving into code. Eidolic’s clean design and polished interface elevate your brand image, instilling trust and confidence.

Dexo 128 is a Zendesk theme with a professional and aesthetic design, brimming with features. It showcases a variety of customizable blocks and calls-to-action. All these elements are easily brandable and customizable without any coding required, facilitating the quick launch of a customer-pleasing help center.

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