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What does help desk software do?

A helpdesk is technology that executes a few core tasks, and ideally far more, acting as a partner as you scale. Traditionally, a help desk defines its goals and processes based on government and corporate best practices such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). The goal within ITIL when dealing with customer issues or incidents specifically is to "restore normal service operation as quickly as possible and minimize the adverse effect on business operations,” Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, once said. Not all help desk solutions are created equal and not all help desk solutions do the same things. That said, here are the basics:

  • Handle customer questions and issues in a systematic way: from intake, managing, and organizing, to response and resolution, and ultimately, reporting
  • Allow for multi-channel support. This means that you choose the channels that are right for your customers—phone, live chat, texting, email
  • Self-service capabilities. What does your ideal knowledge base look like? The right service desk lets you take your team’s institutional knowledge and put it to work for your company, internally, and all your customers in a self-service portal
  • Tracking and analytics. How quickly were support requests first answered and ultimately resolved? How happy was the customer?
  • Integrations. Apps, widgets, and add-ons can be lifesavers in the present and integral to future growth

How Zendesk help desk software solves support problems

Customer satisfaction is critical to most every successful business, and there are two main kinds of customers: the external kind, the people you created your business to serve, and also the internal kind, your employees. Helpdesk software that’s seamless and omnichannel is now the standard. But what does it mean, long term, to satisfy your customer’s needs? Do positive interactions have the same long-term impact as negative ones? According to The 2018 Zendesk Customer Service Survey Report, for 97% of respondents, bad customer service changes buying behavior, and for 87%, good customer service—by phone, live chat, email, et cetera—changed buying behavior.

Who uses help desk software?

A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support. Help desk software enables support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. But Zendesk is more than just help desk software; it's a cloud-based software and engagement platform for customer service that offers omnichannel support. That means that customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine come together, all in one place.

Zendesk helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automations. It's support desk software that is intuitive and easy to use because it's built with both customers and service desk agents in mind. Great customer support starts with the right tools, and with Zendesk, you've got everything you need to build the best customer experience possible.

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Customize your Help Desk Make your ticketing software yours

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Zendesk’s web-based help desk solution allows support teams to collaborate with each other and share information using private comments on any issue that may arise. It also displays real-time updates about who is viewing a ticket at any given moment.

Help anderen zichzelf te helpen

Combineer je servicedesksoftware met een helpcenter op maat, kennisbank, onlinecommunity en een klantenportal, zodat klanten over betere zelfservice beschikken en agenten efficiënter werken en sneller oplossingen kunnen bieden.

Krijg inzichten

Met de rapporten- en analysehulpmiddelen van Zendesk krijg je inzicht in wat echt belangrijk is – van de prestaties van je team tot hoe tevreden je klanten zijn.

De helpdesksoftware Zendesk Support op een handheld apparaat

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Verzamel de juiste informatie bij klanten

Dynamic request forms and ticket fields give support ticket agents extra context, so they’re better prepared for the conversation and can offer more personalized customer support.

Mis nooit een deadline

SLAs are built-in so help desk agents can set their own parameters, and use up-to-the minute measurements to keep an eye on the status of specific tickets.

Neem uw helpdesk met u mee

Our native mobile apps enable help desk agents to respond to customer service requests—even when they’re away from their desks.

"Zendesk heeft een intuïtieve gebruikersinterface. Het systeem is gemakkelijk in te stellen en reageert snel, waardoor het gemakkelijk kan worden geïmplementeerd op websites, mobiele apps en in klantensupportcenters."

Ontdek hoe een geweldige ervaring voor gebruikers en andere kenmerken van onze helpdesksoftware ertoe hebben bijgedragen dat Zendesk zich heeft gepositioneerd tussen marktleiders in het magische kwadrant van Gartner.

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Zendesk Support verzamelt al je interacties met klanten op één plaats. Maar er is meer. Bekijk ook onze andere compatibele producten binnen de Zendesk-productfamilie.