Best Free Knowledge Base Software

Best free knowledge base software

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Central to every organization is the relationship with the customer. Improving that relationship is as easy as improving its help desk software. And while white paper and instruction manuals have their place, equipping your agents with the tools to tap into—and share—their extensive internal knowledge makes a world of difference for the customer. Zendesk Guide does just that.

The details

With Guide, the knowledge base software solution from Zendesk, creating, organizing, and sharing content is easy. Whether it's to agents, the public, or select customers, Guide is always available so that the right information is there, at the right time. As Guide works natively with Zendesk Support, customers receive better self-service and agents are able to improve their efficiency.

With Guide, the knowledge base software from Zendesk:

  • Customers receive a localized experience with articles that can be translated into 40 languages
  • Built-in reports provide insight into which content is working—and which ones need work—so that content can be customized
  • Sorting articles is simple with a sophisticated tagging system that includes sections and categories
Find out more about how Guide delivers the best system for the creation and management of your knowledge base content. Empower your customers with the ability to search the articles and documents they need to solve problems themselves. Enroll in a free trial of Guide today.