Software voor het volgen van problemen

Software voor het volgen van problemen

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Successfully manage, organize, analyze, and respond to numerous support tickets to foster better customer relationships and create better status reports with issue tracking software.

Customer issues don’t always come from the same place – Zendesk makes it simple to track every customer issue from all of your channels.

What is Issue Tracking Software?

Issue tracking software compiles all of an organization’s customer tickets for easy maintenance and management. Cloud-based offerings make it simple for service agents to access the system and process service tickets from anywhere. Many companies, including Uber and Airbnb, utilize Zendesk Support as their issue tracking software.

Tie Everything Together

Users aren’t shy about letting their issues be known, and they’ll do so however they see fit – be it through email, a phone call, a chat window, or all over social media. A solution that accommodates multi-channel issue tracking simplifies the process for compiling customer issues. By centralizing various support tickets into a prioritized and actionable list, customer service teams are empowered with an issue tracker that enhances their process while leaving no customer behind.

Do It Live

Both service representatives and customers get a live view to how a support ticket is advanced and resolved in issue tracking software. Users see when activity occurs and the name of the agent that’s resolving it. Service representative see when the ticket is being accessed and by who, along with the ticket’s service history. Updates in the issue tracker appear as they’re actually happening, so customers and agents can immediately see the development towards a ticket’s resolution.

Integrate for a Better View

Issue tracking software solutions integrate with various applications and systems to give support teams more ways to serve their users. Expand the reach where issues may be brought up, like through e-commerce sites or project management software. Create even more insightful reports and gauge the team’s development by integrating with analytic and productivity apps.

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