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For most people, buying shoes is a simple transaction. For Australia’s leading footwear brand, Tony Bianco, each transaction is a new opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level.

Tony Bianco focuses on encouraging individuality by crafting footwear that lets people express their style no matter the occasion. Founder Tony Bianco purchased his first factory in 1997, and since then the brand has been featured in fashion magazines and even worn by celebrities and models. Their e-commerce site was globally optimized in June 2017 to make Tony Bianco shoes available around the world.

As a retail business, the customer experience always comes first for Tony Bianco. Their customer service is divided into two teams: one handling general inquiries while the other focuses on online orders. The goal, explained Customer Experience and Loyalty Manager Cassie Chen, is to give Tony Bianco’s online shoppers the same personal attention received by in-store customers.

“We had a backlog of inquiries and calls that our customer service team struggled to keep up with. It was clear that we lacked process, proper insights and data” Chen said.

While Zendesk was implemented into Tony Bianco’s customer support in 2012, before Chen stepped into her current role, she recognized the opportunity to use Zendesk Support and Guide to do more to address the team’s challenges. So she got to work teaching herself.

“The good thing about Zendesk—one of the good things—is that the company offers a lot of support to their customers. Many of the features we set up weren’t as complicated as I thought they were going to be,” Chen said. This ease of use encouraged Chen to make Zendesk Tony Bianco’s omnichannel solution, by later adding Zendesk Chat and Zendesk Talk so that all support channels run through the same platform.

First though, Chen set to work fine-tuning Tony Bianco’s self-service offering. Zendesk Guide is easily one of Chen’s favorite products, and she was eager to begin taking advantage of its features to create efficiencies for the team and to provide a new platform of self-service for the customers. With the Knowledge Capture app, agents easily link help articles to tickets to quickly feed customers relevant information.

Chen stays up to date on the most common inquiries her team receives to determine what information should be added to their help center. She’s also used the product to help head off frustration during busy periods.

“I promoted one of the articles and explained, ‘This is a busy sale period, so there might be some delays when it comes to deliveries, but we are working hard to get orders out as soon as possible’” Chen said. “When customers call or email about that we redirect them there to show that we are communicating with them as best as we can. It’s helped us to improve our customer satisfaction, because we help them self-serve instead of leaving them sitting there, wondering about their order.”

Since implementing the spread of products and features they now use, Chen’s teams have reduced ticket volume by 50 percent, now handling around 1,500 inquiries per month, and have improved their first response time by 30 percent.

“We looked at the ticket volume that we get in each day and it’s nothing compared to what we used to receive,” Chen said. “Customers seem a lot happier because there’s more information available to them on the website.”

Every week Chen monitors both team and individual performance numbers to figure out where to make improvements. Chen states, “in order to provide the best service, we need to also make sure that the team’s performance is up to par.” As a result of boosting self-service and offering an omnichannel solution, Tony Bianco’s customer support CSAT climbed to 90 percent, and they saw a Net Promoter Score℠ of 38.

“The agent workload is not as chaotic, and we’re now able to give our customers the right information,” Chen said. “They’re consistently getting a personalized experience, regardless of whether they’re shopping online or in-store.”

While agents do use macros to help save time on emails, Chen appreciates that Support allows the team to easily customize their communication with customers. Personalization is important to the team at Tony Bianco, which is why they chose to implement Zendesk Chat, to offer online customers another way to address issues in real time. Since roll out, the team sees relatively consistent chat volume, and agents go one step beyond support to also assist customers with styling questions.

“Live chat is a great way to offer personalized service through a digital channel. We’re lucky enough that some of the agents on the team actually have come from stores,” Chen said. “It gives them the insight and ability to better help our customers.”

By introducing live chat support, Tony Bianco saw phone volume decrease by 40 percent. Given the success of their integrated channels, the team subsequently replaced their previous telephone provider and rolled out Zendesk Talk. With Talk, Chen appreciates that agents are able to review customer conversations to ensure they’ve addressed the customer’s concerns.

As Tony Bianco continues leveraging Zendesk products and features to further streamline and personalize Tony Bianco’s support, Chen is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to use Zendesk to further refine the online customer experience. For example, by integrating Support with Tony Bianco’s Facebook page, comments are captured in tickets and routed to the PR team to answer.

Net Promoter and NPS are registered U.S. trademarks, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

“Before Zendesk Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk, there were many missed opportunities. Our online presence is now our biggest store, and we’re only at the beginning of what we can do with our digital experience. We’re excited to see where Zendesk takes us”

– Cassie ChenCustomer Experience and Loyalty Manager

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