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Previous Version, No Longer in Effect as of December 2, 2019

Effective as of January 25, 2019, Zendesk, Inc., (“Zendesk”) and its subsidiaries, (collectively, the “Zendesk Group” or “we” or “us” or “our”) have updated our Cookie Policy. For a prior version of our Cookie Policy, click here.


This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) explains that we believe in being open and clear about how we use your information. In the spirit of transparency, this Policy provides detailed information about how and when we use cookies on our Websites. For the purposes of this Policy, the term, “Websites”, shall refer collectively to www.zendesk.com as well as the other websites that the Zendesk Group operates and that link to this Policy.

2.Gebruikt Zendesk cookies?

Ja.De Zendesk Group en onze marketingpartners, dochterondernemingen en analyse- of serviceproviders gebruiken cookies en andere technologieën om ervoor te zorgen dat iedereen die de websites gebruikt de best mogelijke ervaring heeft.

3.Wat is een cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard drive by a web page server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Some of the cookies will only be used if you use certain features or select certain preferences, and some cookies will always be used. You can find out more about each cookie by viewing our current cookie list below. We update this list quarterly, so there may be additional cookies that are not yet listed. Web beacons, tags and scripts may be used in the Websites or in emails to help us to deliver cookies, count visits, understand usage and campaign effectiveness and determine whether an email has been opened and acted upon. We may receive reports based on the use of these technologies by our service/analytics providers on an individual and aggregated basis.

4.Waarom gebruikt Zendesk cookies?

When you visit our Websites, we may place a number of cookies in your browser. These are know as First Party Cookies and are required to enable to hold session information as you navigate from page to page within the website. For example, we use cookies on our Websites to understand visitor and user preferences, improve their experience, and track and analyze usage, navigational and other statistical information. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you elect not to activate the cookie or to later disable cookies, you may still visit our Websites, but your ability to use some features or areas of the Websites may be limited.

5.Cookies uitschakelen

Over het algemeen kunt u het gebruik van cookies activeren of later deactiveren via een functie die in uw webbrowser is ingebouwd.Voor meer informatie over het bedienen van de cookie-instellingen van uw browser:

Klik hier voor meer informatie over de instelling “Privé browsen” en het beheer van cookie-instellingen in Firefox;

Klik hier voor meer informatie over “Incognito” en het beheer van cookie-instellingen in Chrome;

a href=”http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/delete-manage-cookies”>Click here to learn more about “InPrivate” and managing cookie settings in Internet Explorer; or

Klik hier voor meer informatie over de instelling “Privé browsen” en het beheer van cookie-instellingen in Safari.

Als u meer informatie wilt over cookies of het beheer, uitschakelen of verwijderen ervan, ga dan naar http://www.aboutcookies.org voor meer hulp. Bovendien bieden bepaalde advertentienetwerken van derden, met inbegrip van Google, gebruikers de mogelijkheid om zich af te melden voor of het personaliseren van voorkeuren met betrekking tot browsen op het internet.Klik hier voor meer informatie over deze functie van Google.

Veel rechtsgebieden vereisen of bevelen aan dat websitebeheerders de gebruikers/bezoekers informeren over de aard van de cookies die ze gebruiken en, in bepaalde omstandigheden, vragen om de toestemming van hun gebruikers om bepaalde cookies te plaatsen.

De websites omvatten sociale media functies van derden, zoals de Facebook Vind ik leuk-knop, evenals widgets van derden, zoals de ‘Delen’-knop of interactieve miniprogramma’s die worden uitgevoerd op de websites.Deze functies verzamelen mogelijk uw IP-adres, welke pagina u bezoekt op de websites en stellen een cookie in om de functie goed te laten werken.Uw interactie met deze functies is onderhevig aan het privacybeleid van de derde die hem aanbiedt.

Zoals hieronder uiteengezet, kunnen wij de volgende categorieën cookies gebruiken op de websites.

Each cookie falls within one of the four following categories:


1. Essential Cookies

Essential cookies (First Party Cookies) are sometimes called “strictly necessary” as without them we cannot provide many services that you need on the Website. For example, essential cookies help remember your preferences as you move around the Website.

2. Analytics Cookies

These cookies track information about visits to the Websites so that we can make improvements and report our performance. For example: analyze visitor and user behavior so as to provide more relevant content or suggest certain activities. They collect information about how visitors use the Websites, which site the user came from, the number of each user’s visits and how long a user stays on the Websites. We might also use analytics cookies to test new ads, pages, or features to see how users react to them.

3. Functionality or Preference Cookies

During your visit to the Websites, cookies are used to remember information you have entered or choices you make (such as your username, language or your region) on the Websites. They also store your preferences when personalizing the Websites to optimize your use of Zendesk, for example, your preferred language. These preferences are remembered, through the use of the persistent cookies, and the next time you visit the Websites you will not have to set them again.

4. Targeting or Advertising Cookies

These Third Party Cookies are placed by third party advertising platforms or networks in order to, deliver ads and track ad performance, enable advertising networks to deliver ads that may be relevant to you based upon your activities (this is sometimes called “behavioral” “tracking” or “targeted” advertising) on the Websites. They may subsequently use information about your visit to target you with advertising that you may be interested in, on the Websites and other websites. For example, these cookies remember which browsers have visited the Websites.

List of Cookies used on the Websites:

Website Name(s)Cookie NameCookie PurposeCookie DurationCategorie
All WebsitesGoogle AnalyticsThis web analytics cookie collects information about how visitors use the Websites, which website the user came from, the number of each user’s visits and how long a user stays on the Websites2 jaarAnalyse
www.bimeanalytics.comGoogle AnalyticsSession Google Analytics10 minutesAnalyse
www.bimeanalytics.comHeap AnalyticsEvent tracking to monitor behavior2 jaarAnalyse
www.bimeanalytics.comHeap AnalyticsSession Heap Analytics30 minAnalyse
www.bimeanalytics.comVimeoVimeo video player2 jaarFunctionality/Preference
www.bimeanalytics.comGoogleGoogle Account – SSO6 monthsFunctionality/Preference
www.bimeanalytics.comCapterraConversies bijhouden30 minTargeting/Advertising
www.bimeanalytics.comWebsite LanguageLanguage settings30 minFunctionality/Preference
www.bimeanalytics.compopupHideDetermines if a user has accepted or rejected the demo request popup that appears after a certain time on the websiteSessionFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.comGaugeHigh level behavior tracking2 jaarFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.comDisqusVisitor authentication for commenting and user reviews2 jaarEssential
www.zendesk.comTwitter AdvertisingAdvertising1.5 yearsEssential
www.zendesk.comClearbitStores information on user in order to not display so many formsSessionFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.comLinkedInAdvertising vendor for remarketing1 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comMarin SoftwareAdvertising bidding platform1 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comFacebookAdvertising Vendor180 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comYahoo JapanAdvertising Vendor30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comNaverAdvertising Vendor6 monthsTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comhomeTypeDetermines visitor type and stores which web content to display to visitorSessionFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_shared_sessionHolds session information for sharing across Zendesk applications.SessionEssential
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_nps_sessionSessions for NPS®.SessionFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_sessionHold session information for root access applications.SessionEssential
www.zendesk.com_help_center_sessionSessions for Guide.SessionEssential
www.zendesk.com_voice_sessionSessions for Voice.SessionFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.com_carson_container_sessionSessions for Carson.SessionTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_remember_mePreference for maintaining login sessions2 wekenEssential
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_settingsArbitrary, non-PII settings usually for preferences1 jaarFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.com_zendesk_cookieArbitrary, non-PII settings usually for preferences20 jaarFunctionality/Preference
www.zendesk.comLiveIntentCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automate campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comBidtellectCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automate campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comAdRollCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automate campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comQuantcastCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automize campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comAdobeCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automate campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.comSimpli.fiCapture conversions on a cookie level to help automate campaigns and capture cookie information for zendesk.com visitors.30 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comOptimizelyTracking for A/B testing10 jaarAnalyse
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comPendoEnd-User and Agent Usage DataEvent tracking to analyze use of the Service and improve the Services. to monitor behaviour2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comCrazy EggAnalytics Tool that gives us heat maps and click data5 jaarAnalyse
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comEloquaMarketing automation software1 jaarEssential
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comFacebook ConnectInteraction between services2 jaarEssential
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comDoubleclickRe-targeting, optimization, reporting and attribution of online adverts2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comAppNexusAdvertising Vendor for prospecting2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comGoogle Adwords ConversionAdvertising pixel for prospecting and retargeting540 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comLiveRampTracking of anonymous user characteristics180 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com & www.zopim.comBingAdvertising vendor for search marketing2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zendesk.com, www.zopim.com & www.bimeanalytics.comGoogle Tag ManagerTraffic and visitor behavior measurement2 jaarAnalyse
www.zendesk.com.ruYandex MetricaAdvertising pixel to track conversions1 jaarTargeting /Advertising
www.zopim.comWistiaVideo Streaming10 jaarEssential
www.zopim.comGoogle Adwords ConversionAdvertising pixel to track conversions540 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zopim.comLiveRampTracking of anonymous user characteristics180 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zopim.comGoogle Dynamic RemarketingAdvertising180 dagenTargeting/Advertising
www.zopim.comFacebook BusinessUsed for creating custom audience on Facebook for advertising purpose2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zopim.comFacebook ImpressionAdvertising2 jaarTargeting/Advertising
www.zopim.com & www.bimeanalytics.comCloudflareControl over cache of assets1 jaarEssential

6.Cookies onderhevig aan verandering

De inhoud van dit beleid is slechts bedoeld ter algemene informatie en gebruik.Deze cookies zijn onderhevig aan verandering zonder kennisgeving.U erkent dat deze informatie mogelijk onnauwkeurigheden of fouten bevat en onderhevig is aan verandering en voor zover wettelijk toegestaan wijzen wij uitdrukkelijk eventuele aansprakelijkheid af voor dergelijke onnauwkeurigheden of fouten.

7.Cookies gebruikt in onze diensten

Buiten het gebruik van cookies op onze websites zoals hierboven beschreven, gebruiken wij tevens cookies en andere volgtechnologieën in verband met uw toegang tot en gebruik van de producten en diensten die wij aanbieden als abonnement op onze websites (onze “Diensten).Hoe en wanneer wij cookies en andere volgtechnologieën gebruiken in onze diensten wordt verder uitgelegd in onze Master abonnementsovereenkomst, die hier te vinden is.

8.Dit beleid bijwerken

Indien er wezenlijke veranderingen van dit beleid plaatsvinden, zult u daarover voorafgaand aan een eventuele verandering ingelicht worden door het plaatsen van een prominente melding op onze websites.Wij moedigen u aan om deze pagina regelmatig te controleren op de nieuwste informatie over het beleid.Voortzetting van uw gebruik van de websites betekent dat u ermee instemt gebonden te zijn door dergelijke veranderingen van dit beleid.Als u de voorwaarden van dit beleid niet accepteert, is uw enige remedie uw gebruik van en toegang tot de websites te staken.

9.Controle Engelse versie

Niet-Engelse vertalingen van dit beleid worden uitsluitend aangeboden voor uw gemak.De Engelse versie prevaleert in geval van dubbelzinnigheid of strijdigheid tussen vertalingen.

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