Prezi loves Zendesk Support's simplicity and flexible framework

Zendesk customer service software allows Prezi to add welcome premium support services while integrating with existing community-based support platform.

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Presentations haven’t improved much during the last twenty-five years because presentation software hasn’t evolved in that time. Enter Prezi, a company that is literally changing the look–and effectiveness–of business presentations.

Prezi a cloud-based zooming presentation software that bridges whiteboards and slides, allowing users to intuitively brainstorm and share ideas and more effectively collaborate, develop, and present these ideas. Since Prezi is a new communication medium, it’s no surprise that the company values customer feedback.

“We have always encouraged feedback from our community,” said Zoli Radnai, Prezi’s Community Manager. In Prezi’s early days, the company hosted its discussion forum and support in one place–using the Get Satisfaction community support platform. But as the business grew, Prezi found that it needed to provide both general and premium support.

For general support, the company continues to use Get Satisfaction as a discussion forum where peer-supplied information is shared. For premium support, Prezi needed something more robust.

“As our community grew, we reached a point when we needed to offer a higher level of support to our paying users,” said Radnai. “Therefore, we have introduced a premium support system available from a dedicated support page. This is where Zendesk Support enters the picture.”

Support at Prezi isn’t isolated to particular employees or even a particular department. Prezi has a team of four people dedicated to support, but everyone at the company—including management, founders, and the CEO—regularly provide some level of support. This degree of engagement with customers allows Prezi to continually improve its product and processes.

“Our support team has weekly meetings we call Support Circle,” said Radnai. “Here, we discuss and log the community feedback we received that week, key issues, bugs and trends. We also use Zendesk Support reports and the customer satisfaction feature to get a weekly metric, which guides how we proceed. Part of my job as Community Manager is to channel our results to our QA team and product development teams. This is how the circle completes. This process is fast and effective, allowing us to pinpoint and address critical bugs in a matter of hours as well as identify new product features derived from user feedback.”

Radnai said he and the Prezi team considered a number of different services before deciding on Support. In addition to comparing feature sets, the team conducted interviews with company representatives and market professionals, in addition to trying out the services from a customer perspective. Radnai added that Support’s ease of setup and use, its flexibility, and its extensibility set it apart for Prezi. They ended up using the Zendesk API to develop a custom form for customers to submit support tickets.

But what may have driven the team to their ultimate decision to implement Support was its ability to integrate with existing solutions—in Prezi’s case, with Get Satisfaction. “The integration with Get Satisfaction was a lure since this allows us to have a working channel between our existing discussion forum and the premium support system,” said Radnai.

“In general, we think of Zendesk as a very flexible framework that we can shape to fit our needs with the click of a button and scale with us. This flexibility and scalability are critical so we can seamlessly expand our premium support offering as we grow,” said Radnai. Even in the early days, Radnai said the team had already seen added value from Support.

“Our business has changed in terms of offering something new and valuable to our paying customers in the form of a fast, premium support system,” he said. “This has become part of the experience our users are getting in return for signing up to our paid licenses. Since using Zendesk Support, we can see that our paying customers are happy to get premium support.”

“Zendesk Support is the catalyst for our new approach to communication. Our campus community is thrilled with the level of service they’’re receiving.”

– Zoli Radnai Community Manager at Prezi

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