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Play Telecom loves Zendesk Support's ease of use

Play Telecom knows that happy agents lead to happy customers. Watch their video to learn how the customer service team uses Zendesk Support to get closer to their customers.

Play Telecom
“Zendesk makes your life easier. It shortens the interaction times between your customers’ questions and the action of your team towards that customer.”

- Adrian Aguirre Palme

Founder and CEO, Play Telecom - Play Telecom


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Based in Mexico City, Play Telecom accelerates its customers’ business with technology, mobility, and telecommunications.

For Play Telecom, success starts with customer service. “We’ve always been inspired and have the best intentions around creating a great customer experience,” said Adrian Aguirre Palme, founder and CEO. “However, the technology we had wasn’t the best choice to create that for our customers.”

In Play Telecom’s early days, the support team used email to answer customer questions. Agents never knew which tickets to cover, and oftentimes worked on the same tickets as their colleagues. The redundancy in workload was frustrating for agents, so the operations team decided to make a change.

“If you want someone to give a great customer experience, you want your agents to be happy people,” said Palme. “We want to create every possible scenario that enriches the life of the people that work in Play Telecom, the players, and make them as happy as possible.”

“In the beginning, our team was spending a lot of power, energy, and brainpower in very basic stuff. Now, we have Zendesk and it elevated the challenges to something more interesting,” said Palme. “Knowing that the power of the technology you have behind you really gets you to the next level.”