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Mailchimp + Zendesk: Using the voice of the customer as a north star

Mailchimp relies on Zendesk to help them listen to their customers. See what a difference intuitive tools and data visibility make as they build everything with their customers in mind.









Increase in CSAT survey response


Listen hard, change fast

Dedication to the customer is one of the driving principles at Mailchimp. Everything they build, they build with the customer in mind. Watch how they use Zendesk to learn which problems their customers are trying to solve.

Data and Visibility

Seeing the big picture with Zendesk Explore

See how Mailchimp used Customer Service data to know which features and functionality customers needed most. Using what they learned, they built better products that helped more customers than ever.


Agile and born ready: Zendesk out of the box

Despite being a company of over 1000 people, Mailchimp was up and running in Zendesk in over 4 months. Listen as Joe from Mailchimp describes what it is like to work in the Zendesk environment.

How it works

Getting better and faster with Zendesk

The Mailchimp team uses automations to trigger emails and chats after an issue has been resolved, but before the ticket is closed. This gives the customer a chance to ask any additional questions. By automating these follow-ups and check-ins for open tickets, Mailchimp saved a whopping 48,000 agent replies in a single year. The team also relies on triggers and more than 1,000 macros to help keep customer response times short. The team’s full resolution time for email is, on average, 24 hours and just over 26 minutes for live chats.

Optimizing Support Operations

You don't always have to hire more people

Mailchimp got scientific—See how they used the data from Zendesk to put their support resources where they were needed most.


Being human, even at high volume

For Mailchimp, staying focused on customers depends on having tools that "just work." Hear how they can connect when their software is easy and doesn't get in the way for their agents.

About Mailchimp

Empowering the underdog

Mailchimp has certainly found success in empowering the underdog. Its employee count is over 700 and its customer base tops 16 million, with over 50 percent of those customers based outside the United States. To support its customers, Mailchimp offers self help and 24/7 email support, supplemented by 24/5 chat support—all based out of its Atlanta office, to accommodate global time zones. In 2017 alone, around 100 agents handled approximately 35,000 tickets each month.

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