Simplify WhatsaApp & SMS messaging through Zendesk | Boost CX & EX strategies.

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Comma - Zendesk Integrated Whatsapp/SMS

Comma is a communication APP developed with the intent of simplifying messaging and campaign management inside Zendesk. It offers a user-friendly platform designed to streamline communication processes and enhance customer and employee engagement.

Key Features

  • Simplified Messaging: Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface that allows for effortless messaging within Zendesk.

  • Campaign Management: Effectively manage and organize your campaigns, ensuring smooth execution of CX and EX strategies.

  • Template Assistance: Build meaningful messages with the help of Comma's template management feature. Submitted templates are automatically reviewed by META, ensuring quality and effectiveness.

  • Seamless Zendesk Integration: Comma is fully integrated with Zendesk, providing a seamless experience and enabling customizable actions and complex communication flows.

Why Choose Comma?

WhatsaApp/SMS Integrated: Integrate WhatsaApp and SMS messaging all through your Zendesk.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Execute your CX strategies with ease, providing seamless communication and personalized interactions.

  • Streamlined Employee Experience: Simplify internal communication, ensuring employees can effectively engage and collaborate.

  • Efficient Campaign Management: Manage your campaigns effortlessly, saving time and resources while ensuring consistent messaging.

  • Focus on Core Objectives: With Comma's user-friendly platform, your team can focus on your main objectives without getting overwhelmed by complex communication processes.

Choose Comma for effortless messaging, efficient campaign management, and seamless integration with Zendesk. Simplify your communication strategies and empower both your customers and employees for enhanced experiences.

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