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Supporting World Environment Day: Zendesk launches first Supplier Sustainability Guide

Gepubliceerd 5 juni 2024

At Zendesk, we believe a collective approach is essential to forge a low carbon future for all. In an effort to use our voice and influence to create a positive environmental impact, we launched Zendesk’s first Supplier Sustainability Guide titled ‘Activating Corporate Climate Action’. The guide is an open resource designed to enable our suppliers, customers, and other companies to take meaningful climate actions and set robust emissions reduction targets just like we do.

By sharing tools, knowledge, and expertise, we hope to not only influence Zendesk suppliers and customers to decarbonize the products and services that are a major source of our company’s carbon footprint, but also set a leading example for others to start engaging their own value chain for broader actions.

Key highlights of the Sustainability Guide:

  • Zendesk’s dedication to sustainability and the contributions suppliers can make to our mission.

  • Strategies for suppliers to present a compelling business case for climate initiatives.

  • Major milestones in the corporate climate action journey, and key steps to set robust climate targets.

  • Supplementary materials and resources for executing climate programs.

“We truly hope Zendesk resources can be a great starting point for suppliers to activate or enhance their climate initiatives,” said Tim Major, Head of Procurement, Zendesk. “As sustainability becomes an important license to operate, we also hope that our suppliers’ collaboration with us will help unlock great opportunities to strengthen their companies’ values and relationships with all stakeholders and communities.”

Beyond the guide, Zendesk is hosting a supplier-focused sustainability webinar titled ‘Partnering for the Planet: Guide to Corporate Climate Action.’ This session will delve into Zendesk’s recently established science-based targets and offer insights on how suppliers can initiate their sustainability journey.

You can learn more about Zendesk’s corporate responsibility strategies and progress in our FY23 Global Impact Report.