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Join us for a fast and fiery conversation with industry leaders who are embracing change. They’ll share solutions for doing business in a new reality, and insights on making the most of uncertainty.

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A CX Moment with Indeed
November 17 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET

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A CX Moment with Indeed

November 17 at 9:30am PT / 12:30pm ET
As the #1 job site in the world, Indeed strives to put job seekers first. Join us to hear from Jeanne Jones, Global Director of Job Seeker Success, as she shares how she and her team support people at scale looking for their next new opportunity during rapidly changing times.
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On-demand sessions

How Modern Health is rethinking the way employers talk about mental health

Employee experience is taking over. Join us for our inaugural EX Moment featuring Modern Health, as Lori Janjigan, Senior Director of Client Success at Modern Health, shares how to train agents to be more empathetic to employee needs.
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Making your care forgettable with good CX

The New York Times has been known to achieve 70 million unique monthly visitors. With that kind of volume, customer support is at the forefront of the companies success. Join us as we hear from Jeff Shah, VP of Customer Care, on how to manage global customer support teams at scale.
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How Upwork is able to achieve a 5% employee turnover rate

Brent Pliskow, Vice President of Customer Support at Upwork, has been enabling customer support and operations teams for nearly 20 years. Join us as he shares strategies for creating seamless conversational customer experiences.
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How Neo Financial designs support options through traditional methods without being traditional

Neo Financial is reimagining the way consumers manage their money with tech-first financial tools. Join us as we talk to Shannon Burch, Head of Experience, on how to re-shape the world of finance to better users' customer experience.
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Having the right tools to create an agile team with Inovalon

Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based platforms empowering data-driven healthcare. Join us as we talk to Brian Blumenthal, AVP of Customer Support, on how to ensure retaining a customer for life.
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Scaling support with messaging featuring Spartan Race

Spartan Race is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. Join us as we talk to Aja Varney, Director of Global Customer Engagement, on how to scale support and improve workflows for each support channel.
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Creating a customer centric support with Wine.com

Just as no two bottles of wine are identical, the same can be said of customers. Just ask the Director of Brand Marketing for wine.com. Addie Wallace joins us to talk customer insights and personalization at scale. She'll also share how customers help them drive new initiatives like subscription services, new channels, and virtual classes.
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Centralized support options with Compass

Real estate–perhaps no industry has changed quite as much over the last couple of years. Join us to hear from Compass' Director of Support, Amy Velligan, on how she’s navigating the rapidly growing sector and changing customer needs.
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How Kajabi adapted their self-service customer experience strategy

Hear from Kajabi's VP of Customer Experience on how they use machine learning, AI, and multiple channels for tech and billing support. Learn how self-service video and live chat can keep your customers happy 24x7.
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How Trustpilot helps businesses take action with customer reviews

Hear Trustpilot's CMO Alicia Skubick explain how to use reviews to better your customer experiences. Trustpilot makes sure that companies and customers get closer together with their expectations.
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Digital transformation with The City of Saint Paul

In this intimate conversation, you’ll learn how the City of St. Paul approached its digital transformation and some impactful CX strategies for even the most digitally reluctant of industries. to up-level their CX strategy and drive value for the business.
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AI and Self-Service with The Boston Globe and Ada

Learn how The Boston Globe uses Zendesk technology partner, Ada to up-level their CX strategy and drive value for the business.
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Sarah Robb O'Hagan on becoming the best version of yourself

Hear from Sarah Robb O'Hagan–executive, activist, entrepreneur and author of Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat. She shares her practical advice to live a more healthy professional life while discovering your strengths. Learn to take big risks, deal with big failures, and kick ass all the way.
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Diving into the people side of customer service with Mediaocean

For years, Stephanie Dorman successfully ran support and CX for Mediaocean. But recently, she took on the position as their Chief People Officer. Hear why Stephanie made the transition and how she's committed to changing the way people think of support roles.
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The power of self service with Yext

Join Katie Ludwig from Yext to hear about the power of self service and search. Katie will share how Yext leverages Zendesk and how you can use modern search to better your CX.
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Igniting a culture of innovation and creativity - the Disney way

Join Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, as he shares his creative process to help you uncover fresh thinking, team innovation, and disruptive ideas for your own company.
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Putting your customer front and center with Snap

Join us to hear about Snap's journey with Robert Siniscalchi. We’ll discuss how Snap has reinvented itself by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.
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Scalability, unexpected successes, and the need for more zen with Calm

Who hasn’t craved a little more calm this past year? Join Calm’s Manager of Customer Experience, Frances Brittingham to talk scalability, unexpected successes, and the need for more zen. We’ll talk about overcoming big CX challenges and how to prepare for the year ahead with technology, people, and a lot more Calm.
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How Mako Medical and CustomerHD define a successful partnership

Before the pandemic, Mako Medical didn’t have or need a customer support department. But once the hospital and health care company started offering COVID-19 testing, everything changed. Mako went from a few tickets a day to over 25,000. Hear how they scaled using technology, people, and a partnership with CustomerHD. In a few short weeks Mako went from a support solution built on email and excel to 100+ reps on Zendesk.
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Aramaex operates with speed and agility in the transportation industry

In this session, we'll dive into the logistics and transport sector, as we chat to Ruby Wolff, CIO of Aramex Australia & New Zealand (formerly Fastway Couriers). Like all transportation companies, Aramex has had to operate recently with speed and agility. They have great lessons to share for every industry.
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Running effective support organizations with Calendly

Jon Smith knows customer experience. He began his CX career as a technical support analyst and was quickly promoted into a leadership role. Since then, he’s run support organizations for Home Depot and MailChimp and now heads up Customer Experience at Calendly. Hear his approach to strategy and operations and what he thinks is next for CX in 2021.
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When customer service intersects with social impact featuring Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds loves travel, hospitality, and solving big problems. And that’s pretty important right now. Join, CEO and Founder, Adam Harris, as he shares how the hospitality industry has adapted to the pandemic, the changes the industry needs to make long-term, and the work they are doing currently to ease the disruption.
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Building strong partnerships with Black Rifle Coffee Company and Simplr

As a veteran-owned and operated business, Black Rifle Coffee Company has a set of values that their customers know and respect. Which is why it's so important that BRCC selects partners that share those values. Hear from BRCC and Simplr on choosing partners wisely– from operating with agility and reliability, to not disappointing your customers, to reflecting the integrity of your brand. In this CX Moment, Simplr will share data from their Mystery Shop report, while BRCC will talk about prioritizing the customer experience.
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Find out how Plexus and Zendesk engage through self-service

Watch Zendesk's very own, Director of Customer Advocacy, Melissa Burch and Sarah Reed, Sr. Director, Global Strategic Events along with Louis Ross, VP, Customer Service at Plexus Worldwide as they discuss customer support maturity of businesses across the globe.
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Learn how Carousell harnesses the power of community

Hear from Carousell, a Singapore-based startup, that has effectively tapped on the power of its community to grow into one of the largest peer-to-peer marketplaces in Southeast Asia.
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Reimagine how customers want to shop with FabFitFun

FabFitFun aims to deliver happiness to everyone, everywhere. And that’s pretty important right now. Join Caitlin Logan as she shares how FabFitFun is reimagining the way customers want to shop, interact, and get support.
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Watch: Let's talk change, with CX leaders

Interested in hearing about Shopify's customer experience journey? Join A CX Moment as we collaborate with our 'Let's talk change' event and take over one of the breakouts.
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Learn how Xavier College brought digital transformation to education

In this CX Moment, we are joined by Patrick Winter, the Head of ICT at the historic Xavier College, a Melbourne private school dating back to 1872. He shares how Xavier went about transforming their way of working in a new reality, and made the most of uncertainty to drive long term digital initiatives in education - setting them up for success.

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Learn how GoHealth and Virgin Pulse approach wellness

2020 has proven that humans can adapt to anything. But adaption often comes at a cost. Join GoHealth and Virgin Pulse to talk about health and wellness during COVID-19. They’ll share how their companies approach wellness from different sides of the health circle, how they’re supporting their frontline support teams, and why you should focus on your wellness journey, now more than ever.
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Tymeshift shares how you can benefit from a career in customer support

No one graduates high school planning a profession in customer support, but perhaps they should. Elisa Reggiardo from Tymeshift and Sarah Reed from Zendesk talk about their own careers, how to pivot into and within customer support, and how to transfer your skills to other roles. If you are a leader or mentor, or you’ve been laid off or are looking for something new, this is a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of a career in customer support.
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How Stitch Fix uses data and insights to remain relevant with their customers

Stitch Fix understands that style needs to evolve and routines change, especially during a pandemic. Learn how they’ve used data and insights to remain relevant with their customers, even when people aren’t getting dressed up to go to work or out to dinner. They’ll also share how they think COVID-19 will impact consumer behavior going forward.
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A Special CX Moment with 23andMe to discuss race, allyship, and solidarity

Support teams are often the most diverse groups within an organization and while that is often challenging, it's also an incredible opportunity to invoke change. Please join us for A Special CX Moment with Kent Hillyer, Head of Customer Care for 23andMe and Zendesk’s Chief People & Diversity Officer, InaMarie Johnson and Smita Pillai, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion. They’ll talk about the steps companies can take to educate customers and employees on racism, solidarity, and the importance of allyship.
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How SoFi is changing their CX strategy in a financial crisis

Markets are volatile, interest rates are low, and consumers are concerned with the stability of their financial future. And all that uncertainty can play havoc on a finance company’s customer experience. Hear how SoFi is tackling changes related to COVID-19: greater support volume, higher customer emotion, and updates to government policies and protections.
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How Harry’s is taking care of more than their customer’s grooming needs

Many of us took personal grooming for granted before the coronavirus. But not during or after. With salons and barbershops closed, home self-care took on renewed importance. For Harry’s, that meant increased demand and higher support volumes. Hear how they supported old and new customers and took care of our heroes on the frontline.
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What changes Etsy implemented to maintain the seller and buyer experience

Etsy brings handmade and vintage goods from around the world into people’s homes. And that becomes a little tricky during a pandemic. Etsy’s CFO shares how they are keeping buyers and sellers safe, reallocating funds to different priorities, and supporting their community during COVID-19.
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How Wantable and Birchbox make business changes to give back to their communities

Now more than ever, teams are relying on omnichannel support tools to distinguish their brand and connect with their customers. But as new challenges emerge, we see many adapting and innovating in the face of fluctuating demand. CX Leaders at Birchbox and Wantable discuss how businesses can quickly shift their operations and seize new opportunities.
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How Lyra Health makes mental health a priority

We now spend all day, every day, at home and talking through our computers. And this change in human interaction is impacting our mental health. Nina Levin from Lyra Health shares how to lead teams, customers, and yourself through this emotionally charged time.
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How Freshly continues to excel at customer service

People depend on their food deliveries, and when things don’t happen as expected, emotions flare. Hear how Freshly is keeping up with customer satisfaction, even with rising demand, supply shortages, and delivery challenges.
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How Slack cultivates a culture of connection

Slack has always been about communication, and now more than ever. Ali Rayl, Slack’s VP of Customer Experience shares how they’re helping to cultivate a culture of connection-with employees and with their growing customer base.
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How Box and Upwork adapt to a remote workforce

CX Leaders from Box and Upwork discuss the complexities with a remote workforce: the planned versus the forced, the short-term versus the long-term, and the benefits versus the challenges.
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How The Groomsman Suit pivoted quickly

Jeanne and Diana Co-Founders of The Groomsman Suit deep dive into how they’ve quickly shifted their focus to adjust to the massive changes in their industry.
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Sarah Reed
Sr. Director of Global Strategic Events
Ali Rayl
VP of Customer Experience
Dan Medina
Sr. Director of Global Ops
Jashana Copeman
Sr. Training Manager
Brandon Savage
VP of Global Support Services
Dilip Ratnam
VP of Customer Experience
Joe Wang
Sr. Director of Customer Experience
Jeanne Foley
The Groomsman Suit
Diana Ganz
The Groomsman Suit

Nina Levin
Director of Provider Relations and Patient Support
Lyra Health
Tiffany Cooley
Leanna Nazzisi
Manager of Customer Ops
Rachel Glaser
Nick Martin
Manager of Customer Experience
Kirk Chapman
VP of Ops
Andrea Frangadakis
Director of Strategy and Business Ops, Client Experience
Stitch Fix
Robyn Grant McCardel
Strategic Insights Manager
Stitch Fix
Kent Hillyer
Head of Customer Care
Elisa Reggiardo
Chief Troublemaker
Michael Pace
Director of Global Member Services
Virgin Pulse
Henry Falter
Vice President of Operations
Jennifer Routledge
Director of Vendor Relations
Courtney Chartrand
Vendor Manager
Caitlin Logan
Sr. Director of Customer Experience
Louis Ross
Vice President of Customer Service
Daniel Rodriguez
Chief Marketing Officer
Heather Collins
Customer Engagement Manager
Black Rifle Coffee Company
Adam Harris
Jon Smith
Head of CX
Josh Arant
Co-founder & COO
Mako Medical
Jonathan Keane
Co-founder & CEO
Joe Schmidt
Co-founder & President
Frances Brittingham
Manager of CX
Stephanie Dorman
Chief People Officer
Robert Siniscalchi
Technical Program Manager
Katherine Ludwig
VP of Support