Watch Your CSAT Scores Skyrocket With Multilingual Customer Service


Hassle-Free, Accurate Translations in 180+ Languages Integrated Inside Zendesk

Does your customer service quotient get lost in translation? Accomplish your dreams of expanding to global markets by delivering high-quality customer-support tickets in any language directly from the Zendesk user interface.

Some of our major clients include HR Works, ABB, Keepsafe, Semrush, Dusit International, and more!

Key Features

  • Get the Best of Both - AI and Human Translations: The Lingpad app for Zendesk combines the power of machine and human translations.

  • Auto Reply: Auto reply helps you send translated responses automatically, without any manual input.

  • Dual tabs to check order status: See everything at a glance with a two-part view of all your translation orders for any ticket.

  • Live In-App Notifications: Live statuses in the app tell you when a translation is in progress or completed.

  • Custom Notification: You can now have the option of getting email notifications by enabling this feature.

  • Detailed Order Analyses Dashboard: Receive periodic reports and data to monitor new and recurring languages, number of requests, cost savings, and more!

  • Text Box: A text box with editing tools such as bold and italics, bullet points, and paragraph-breaks to customize your response.

Key Benefits

  • AI-Powered translations for Quick Response: Don’t let your customers wait. With Lingpad, you can choose AI-powered translations backed by our trusted humans and respond in a flash. Hello high-quality, error-free translations!

  • Contextually Relevant and Culturally Right: Our native language experts ensure contextual relevance and cultural nuances are taken care of while translating your ticket response.

  • Enhance CSAT, NPS and Reduced TAT: Customer service is central to any business’s success, as it is ours at Lingpad. With Lingpad app for Zendesk, our clients see CSAT scores of over 90%, NPS of 9’s and 10’s, while the TAT (Turn Around Time) shortens with each completed ticket!

  • Reduced Pricing: Customized translation memory (TM) and glossary for reduced pricing benefits for all businesses, irrespective of their budget, scope or scale.

If you are looking to localize your customer support with world-class translations that are quick and accurate, Lingpad is the right choice.

Benefit from a tool that brings a viable solution to the table, and also adapts to your needs. The result is increased customer trust, improved business reputation, and extensive business growth.

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