Need a stylish and customizable Zendesk theme? Then, the Aalborg theme is what you need and can be adapted for any industry without coding. Besides, it works perfectly!
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Your customers will find all they are looking for, since Aalborg theme is user-friendly and handy. You have nothing to worry about how your help center looks if you’ll cooperate with us. Our support team will show you a demo and seamlessly integrate the theme with your Zendesk Guide. Then, all you need to do is check the result and start your daily work.

Here are the benefits you can expect from the Aalborg theme:

Reasonable price

You can purchase the Aalborg theme for only $150.

Adjustable features and a simple look

A minimalistic design and plain interface are not only for customers but also for you. The theme is straightforward from both the user and admin sides, so you can easily find and enable needed options and views. Moreover, users will feel comfortable visiting well-arranged pages.

Extra formatting elements

Highlight the most crucial information inside any article by using such elements:

  • Tabs
  • Alerts
  • Callout blocks
  • Code blocks
  • Accordions
  • Links
  • Videos, images
  • Font Awesome Icons and more

Perfect fit for any device

Your clients won’t feel the difference, whatever device they are using. No matter whether it is a tablet or smartphone, your Help Center is always responsive by default. Aalborg on devices

Branding and Customization available

With Branding you can get some quick edits done to your theme. For example, colors, logos, and other features could be changed to meet branding guidelines.

Want to realize your idea or need a more profound modification? Do it by ordering a Customization service. We can change any elements and layouts on the article pages upon request.

Supports multilingual content

You can display your articles, buttons, and titles in multiple languages using the Dynamic Content feature supported by the Aalborg theme.

Free installation

Theme installation can be nerve-wracking for you, but it’s piece of cake for us. No need for you to even bother, as the theme archive and installation come in one package. So why come up with the bike when GrowthDot has already taken care of you?

Get a theme instantly

Your Aalborg theme is only a purchase away. Besides, you have 14-day trial run for testing. So, try it without any hesitation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we offer a three-month warranty and a secure payment method.

Drive more eyeballs to your Help Center. Create an intuitive self-service hub together with GrowthDot’s Aalborg theme.

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