Solvvy's conversational AI and support automation works seamlessly with Zendesk to reduce tickets, improve agent productivity, and deliver an effortless, personalized service experience.

Solvvy is Conversational AI for customer support that delivers the modern, effortless help experience consumers want. Our automation and next-gen chatbot platform delivers fast, satisfying resolutions for customers, improves agent productivity, and uncovers valuable insights that empower Support leaders.

Leading companies choose Solvvy to ensure their customers get the personalized service and instant, expert answers they expect. Trusted by leading brands like HelloFresh, Vimeo, Under Armour, and Ring, Solvvy delivers a brand-boosting customer experience that lightens the load for support teams.

Solvvy is your digital teammate, available 24/7 to give customers fast, personal help and boost your support team’s productivity.

Show customers you understand them Let Solvvy intelligently detect what customers actually need (however they express themselves) to help them resolve issues quickly and accurately every time.

Guide people to a satisfying resolution faster Help customers across a host of channels - web, mobile, and social - providing personalized conversations and intelligent routing to the right support channel or agent.

Turbo-boost agent productivity Empower your agents with the context of each Solvvy conversation to help deliver faster and smoother assistance.

Spot problems a mile away Use insights from customer interactions to discover what’s working (and what isn’t) in your business and quickly nip any issues in the bud.

Effortlessly deploy and maintain – without coding Let your engineers sit this one out. There’s no complicated setup or upkeep, so your team can focus on helping customers.

Support your customers at scale Give your customers fast, intuitive help no matter how quickly your company is growing. Solvvy helps you deliver top-notch service without hiring hordes of new agents.

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