Synaptek is a digital innovation company that delivers game-changing intelligent automation solutions that drive innovation and create better ways of working for any line of business.

We're on a mission; to digitally transform businesses with intelligent, wall-to-wall workflow automation that connects all systems via a single management interface.

Using cutting-edge technology, innovative automation services and AI, we rapidly connect people, processes and platforms to simplify work and electrify the customer experience.

We’re specialists in designing customised bots and workflows that quickly and simply automate common business processes and create better ways of working that have clients' business goals and people at the heart. By connecting systems used across businesses, we revolutionise how work is done, saving time and money, and creating a happier, more productive workforce.

Game-changing solutions Customer Support experiences are a key differentiating factor for businesses, and the digital-first consumer expects highly personalised, consistent experiences in every interaction they have with a business. Intelligent automation enables businesses to deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint and exceed customer expectations.

Connecting data and platforms across the business via one interface means support teams can quickly access a 360-degree view of the customer, search knowledge base information, common resolutions and feedback to resolve issues faster than ever, without switching apps or picking up the phone.

Automating support ticket workflows, streamlining incident alert management and implementing automated resolution actions delivers faster response times and drastically reduces any system downtime.

This is just one example of the endless possibilities enabled by the Synaptek solution.

Professional Services We pride ourselves on our ability to get under the skin of what your business needs. We then develop tailored automation solutions that truly benefit your organisation and your employees by streamlining repetitive business processes and transforming how work is done.

The Synaptek vision is to supercharge the world of work through the power of technology and be a force for good in the workplace.

Everything we do is about delivering better ways of working for everyone.

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