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We can set up Zendesk the right way. Quickly. And we can start as early as tomorrow. If you need a quick response, just send a text (310) 844-1172.

What We Do

At CX Collective, we've noticed that many Zendesk users often struggle with knowing what to do, rather than how to do it. That's where comes in handy. But we understand that you have numerous decisions to make:

  • Which groups should you create?
  • Which responses should you turn into macros?
  • How can you write FAQs that effectively deflect tickets?
  • How can you measure the work your team is accomplishing?
  • What's the most effective way to understand what's driving volume?
  • Is your team truly productive?
  • What service level should you strive for?

This is where CX Collective excels. As CX Leaders first, we comprehend how each of the aforementioned questions impacts your decision-making when it comes to building out your Zendesk setup. As Zendesk Admins second, we have the ability to construct your setup as if we were the ones delivering for your customers directly.

We also provide customized trainings for your uses, after launch support and a playbook for your administrator(s).

Think of us as support people for Support People. We help Customer Support teams reach their full potential.

About CX Collective

At CX Collective, we're all about giving your business that superhero edge. Whether you're a startup or in growth mode, our team swoops in with cutting-edge tech and know-how to ensure your team delivers an unforgettable customer experience. Consider us your secret weapon to conquer the customer satisfaction game.

We understand the challenges of building and scaling support teams. Our experienced team manages all aspects of customer experience operations, including setup, scalability, and adaptability. We implement the top tools, processes and we provide comprehensive training to ensure your team consistently delivers exceptional customer experiences.

How to Work Together

  1. We like to start with an Exploratory call. This will help us understand the challenge you’re facing.
  2. If it makes sense to work together, we provide a quote for you to review.
  3. Once the quote is reviewed and accepted, we will get you contracted.
  4. Not long after, we will get started.
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