Business Intelligence via call recording, advanced AI transcription, PCI redaction & analytics.

CallN is a highly-commended cloud-based business intelligence application utilising a sophisticated AI-assisted voice transcription engine, machine learning and world class visualisations to distil large volumes of call data into actionable insights. The software has immense value for purposes such as automatic PCI Redaction, Quality Assurance automation (QA) and Customer Experience Management (CX) for all voice-based interactions in one easy-to-use package. CallN provides your business with: - Automatic PCI Redaction Accurately remove sensitive numeric data, such as credit card details, while maintaining the integrity and context of conversations to preserve effective insight while reducing liability associated with external and internal threats. - Topic & Keyword Extraction Spot trends and set triggers when a key word, phrase or topic is used. This can provide both operational and predictive intelligence on customer calls. Combined with the Rules Engine, alerts can be set when Topics or Keywords are used in conversations. - Drill-down sentiment analysis Track user and customer sentiment over time and drill down to understand the root cause of changes in customer sentiment. - Geo Location Gain insights from calls to and from landlines down to the telephone exchange/suburb level. Click through on an interactive map to identify hotspot locations such as those where most issues or sales leads are originating from. - Agent Scoring The Quality Management feature automates the process of wasted hours listening in to agents’ conversations to check that they have adhered to scripts or maintained positive sentiment. Key script words and phrases can be added to a QA Scoresheet where agents can be rated against script adherence and management notifications sent for non-adherence. This is just the start. CallN offers all these features and many more to ensure your business has the information it needs to thrive and grow. Most importantly, CallN can deliver your business a tangible ROI measured in months, not years.

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