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Ready to take your customer support to the next level? With Aunoa's integration, you can easily transform chat conversations into tickets and integrate them with Zendesk, without any coding necessary. This seamless integration will improve the quality of your customer support by making it more effective and efficient.

Our software collects all the necessary customer information and creates tickets from chat conversations and chatbot chats. These tickets are automatically sent to your Zendesk Support suite, making it easy for your team to update the status, category, and contact information of each ticket.

But that's not all! With Aunoa's integration, you can surprise your customers and prospects with lightning-fast and effective responses. This integration reduces response time, improves the customer experience, and allows for personalized conversations.

Boost your team's productivity and optimize your support ticket management. Create, manage, prioritize, and organize tickets directly from your Inbox. Our software provides a comprehensive view of each ticket and contact's records, saving your team time and freeing them from repetitive tasks through automation.

Join the countless businesses that have already revolutionized their customer support with Aunoa's integration with Zendesk. Say goodbye to tedious support responses and hello to personalized and effective customer service.

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