Grow your SMS subscribers and send personalized texts to boost ROI.

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SMSBump a Yotpo company, is the leading SMS marketing solution built for eCommerce brands of all sizes looking to build a top revenue channel.

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“Our most loyal customers appreciate SMS and it gives us the ability to engage with them in a way we never could. Using SMSBump by Yotpo, we can create personalized conversations that spark and sustain customer relationships, engaging at the most impactful points in the buyer journey.” - Suhail Rivera, Founder, Alkaline Herb Shop

Maximize Subscriber Collection

Collect SMS subscribers in no time with SMSBump’s robust library of innovative growth tools. Built for compliance, they help you create more high-converting, on-brand experiences that increase subscriber growth at your most important touchpoints. Whether it’s on-site, on social media, via email, or even offline - you can leverage your presence on a variety of channels to collect SMS subscribers with customizable tools that fit your brand look-and-feel, style, and voice.

Targeted Promotions & Personalized Experiences

Brands using SMSBump can build custom audiences, based on different customer characteristics and actions, and send highly personalized text marketing campaigns, targeted at the right shoppers. Texting shoppers with relevant updates or offers and at key conversion points in their journey will significantly improve conversions and engagement.

Automated, Always-on Engagement

With SMSBump you can build custom flows that will set your whole SMS marketing on autopilot to recover abandoned carts, upsell or cross-sell additional items to boost AOV, and reactivate customers who haven’t shopped in a while to increase CLV. Automated messages like that bring over 25x ROI and enjoy click-through rates of over 35%.

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SMSBump allows brands to engage in one-on-one conversations with customers, providing them personalized experience and tailored support. Thanks to our integration with key partners such as Zendesk, Klaviyo, Justuno, Yotpo and many more, your audience can enjoy an always-on, omnichannel experience and a direct line of communication on the channels of their choice. This unlocks even more marketing opportunities for brands and helps boost your revenue further.

Combining the strengths of SMSBump and Zendesk will allow you to:

  • Streamline your customer support, ensuring all queries you receive via SMS are automatically transferred to your Zendesk ticketing system and taken care of from one and the same place.
  • Provide quick and efficient customer service by responding to shoppers on the same channel they reached out to you through - SMS.
  • Keep a constant eye on all SMS inquiries, even when you are not logged in your SMSBump account.

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