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Streamline Zendesk video reviews. Auto-play, NSFW shading & adjustable speeds.

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Welcome to Auto Video Player (AVP), your new partner in video content review. Seamlessly integrated into your Zendesk workflow, AVP is designed to revolutionize your video review process. No longer do agents need to download and play videos locally - a process that not only consumes time but also poses potential security risks. AVP auto-plays videos directly in your tickets.

With AVP, you benefit from these key features:

  • Auto-play toggle: Agents can choose whether videos auto-play or not, giving them control over their video reviewing experience.
  • Multi-video support: AVP can handle multiple videos attached to a single ticket, ensuring an uninterrupted workflow.
  • Video Shader: This function darkens NSFW content, making it more comfortable for agents to review potentially sensitive material.
  • Adjustable playback speed: Agents can increase or decrease video playback speed to review content at a pace that suits their needs.

Choose Auto Video Player for a safer, faster, and more efficient video review process in your Zendesk environment. Experience the revolution in content review workflow with AVP today.

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