Yonyx Interactive Decision Trees

Create Interactive Decision Trees for Technical Support with Zendesk.

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Yonyx is the leading platform for interactive decision trees that are used to guide customer support agents or self-service customers. Yonyx platform is used to map a business process (e.g., troubleshooting steps) as a tree structure. Customer support agents go through such decision trees interactively within Zendesk, using this App. Derive insights from deep analytics data, improve your first call resolution (FCR) and increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) using Yonyx Interactive Decision Trees!

What does this app offer?

  1. Embedded Yonyx Landing page (with multiple decision trees) in Zendesk
  2. Access Control: Who should have access to this app within Zendesk?
  3. Agent may choose a decision tree from Yonyx Landing page or from a filtered list, based on ticket category / subcategory in Zendesk
  4. Yonyx / Zendesk Data Connector enables each decision tree to read/write data from standard/custom fields in Zendesk Forms.
  5. Agents can view images included in decision tree steps in full screen view.
  6. A comprehensive log of steps traversed through a decision tree, also called an Incident, is saved in Zendesk ticket automatically.
  7. Zendesk ticket number is cross referenced in Yonyx Incident.
  8. All Yonyx Incidents related to a Zendesk ticket are available within the ticket.
  9. An Agent can start traversing a decision tree from scratch, or “Resume” from any step of a previous Incident related to the same Zendesk ticket.
  10. Capture agent compliments and feedback from any step in the decision tree traversal.
  11. Call Zendesk Macros from any step in the decision tree.

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