Powerful inbound and outbound telephony from within your Zendesk

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What if you could automate 90% of customer service tasks?

About babelConnect

babelConnect provides powerful, integrated inbound and outbound telephony within the Zendesk interface. 

Combine that with our world-class VoiceBot technology and the ability to automate 90% of customer service tasks and you have… well, you have the solution to a lot of pressing problems.

You’ll also be able to add custom automations to virtually any core processes, all with intuitive visual tools. That’s why babelforce users see benefits including:

  • Automating the first 45 seconds of the average call
  • Saving €0.5 million per 150K calls per month
  • Achieving time to value of 4 months or less

Here’s the core functionality we add to your Zendesk:

  • Auto-open customer profiles, conversations, messages and other timeline events, based on customizable triggers in the call. 
  • Match callers to their Zendesk profiles automatically, or generate new profiles if they don’t exist.
  • Dynamically update the attributes of new or existing conversations and messages. 
  • Link conversations with end-users, and assign them to agents and Zendesk queues. 
  • Auto-open the babelConnect phone widget for new inbound calls or outbound click-to-call.

This app requires an active babelforce license.

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