BoloForms Approvals for Support

Make approval process easier inside Zendesk Support

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1) Have a single approval workflow. Here, a manager can create a simple Google™ form for an approval process that they want. Now, they have to open Boloforms and turn the Google™ form into an approval workflow and share the link of Boloforms Approvals to their applicants. The applicants can fill the form, the manager gets a request via email for every approval that comes through, they approve or reject the application and the recipients are further notified of the status of their application via an email. A detailed view of all the statuses of applications and their links are show in the Google™ sheet attached to their form.

2) Add multi-level workflow Convert a Google™ form into a multi level workflow using this system.

3) Email notifications Receive notifications when limits are reached.

4) Automate approval workflow like invoice with form approvals & convert Form to PDF via Boloforms Approvals.

5) Form Publisher & Approvals Flow - Boloforms is an all-in-one add-on that lets you automate approval workflow with any request (e.g. purchase request request) despite working from home amidst COVID-19. Plus, publish Forms to PDF / Google™ Docs & send to others.

6) Conditional Statements- Add conditional statement to automatically approve a particular form submission.

7) Multiple Approvers - Select more than one approvers, any one of the approvers can approve the request for it to be considered approved.

8) Send PDF- Send PDF notifications in the email to approvers, other stakeholders inside the organization.

9) Add collaborators to your account so that multiple stakeholders from the company can use your BoloForms Approvals Dashboard.

10) Custom Branding- Brand your BoloForms Approvals PDF and the emails being sent according to your organization logo and name. Simplify all the processes your organisation needs using Boloforms’ Approvals.

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