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airfocus is a platform built for the new way of doing product management. It provides a complete solution for product teams to manage and communicate their product strategy, prioritize with confidence, build collaborative roadmaps and translate feedback into insights to solve the right problems.

Our Zendesk integration allows you to gather feedback directly from your Zendesk tickets. Easily import and centralize inputs from Zendesk to airfocus and inform product discovery.

You can import feedback from Zendesk, create insights and link them directly to your feature ideas or any other work item in airfocus. In essence:

  • Sync Zendesk tickets with airfocus items.
  • Map Zendesk fields with airfocus custom fields. All fields are synced one way (from Zendesk to airfocus).
  • Ability to select specific dates to import past conversations from Zendesk to airfocus. Ensure you add any tags you are using as filters to these conversations.

Thousands of companies worldwide, including Shopify, IBM, The Washington Post, and more, now use airfocus to make more informed product decisions.

Learn more at and start your 14-day trial now.

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