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You think the CRM industry is settling down? Think again!

The need for an intelligent, automated, performant, and easily-configurable CRM systems could not be more dire. Of current CRM users, 90% have used two or more CRM apps. When asked, 75% would try new apps. We have tried 5 of the best and looked into many others until we decided to roll out our own and offer it to customers.

CRM apps take time to operate. Businesses and entrepreneurs are in continuous search for tools that improve customer engagement without eating all their time so they can spend more time analyzing the market and strategizing their business.

RevampCRM takes CRM automation to a whole new uncharted territory by bringing “Continuous Automation” to all CRM aspects, allowing users to, under one roof, set their segmentation, sales, and marketing activities on cruise control. You can dynamically collect and segment leads, and assign workflows. Among other things, workflows can send emails and check response, update scores, tag contacts, create tasks, send notifications, and dynamically divert to other workflows.

RevampCRM integrates with 25+ business tools including calendars, web forms, invoicing, help desk, eCommerce apps and others. Integration sync activities can be automated based on time or events. All plans, including the free plan, come with UNLIMITED contacts and Unlimited Deals.

You can automate lead collection and segmentation and dynamically feed them to different workflows. Changes on customers' latest status, their activities and their response to emails will trigger different workflows according to your dynamic filters and workflow definitions.

RevampCRM eCommerce plan brings your catalog and your customers’ information and their order history to be part of your segmentation, sales and marketing automation. Use RevampCRM's continuous filtering to dynamically segment your customers based on their purchase patterns (in real-time) and automate up-sell, cross-sell, and refill marketing emails. There is no limit on catalog size or order number.

RevampCRM has the unique advantage of continuous automation. The across-the-board automation and integration, alongside performance and reliability, is our main differentiator. You can keep using your current marketing automation while benefiting from our state-of-the-art segmentation and sales automation engine. RevampCRM’s intuitive design and ease-of-use appeals to first-time customers as well as those with previous CRM experience, and has brought us very good customer feedback.

Stop losing revenue by not follow up with customers at the right time with the right message. RevampCRM does to CRM what assembly lines and robotic arms did to the industrial world. Switch to RevampCRM and run your CRM as a factory.

By integrating Zendesk and RevampCRM, you can view support tickets within RevampCRM and automate marketing and sales activities according to customer support patterns.

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