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What is AI Customer Service?

Aisera’s AI Customer Service works with Zendesk to deliver exceptional end-to-end customer experiences through multilingual conversational intelligence and automation. It learns from every interaction, automates repetitive inquiries, and provides agents with AI-powered assistance.

What are the benefits of AI Customer Service?

By augmenting human intelligence, AI Customer Service helps your organization nurture and satisfy customers who then purchase more, remain loyal, and provide positive reviews. Organizations have turned to AI Customer Service to:
- Increase CSAT and NPS by 85%
- Reduce service costs with enhanced self-service
- Improve agent experience and productivity

Why choose Aisera?

Aisera offers the most comprehensive and cutting edge conversational self-service automation solution in the market, blending AI Virtual Assistant technology, Conversational AI, Conversational RPA, and Ticket AI.

How does AI Customer Service work with Zendesk?

AI Customer Service’s Conversational AI taps into its out-of-the-box, global, industry-aware taxonomy of over five billion intents and one trillion phrases (across more than 70 languages) to quickly identify and resolve any issue. Aisera works across channels including webchat, email, social, SMS, and voice (IVR) to deliver reimagined self-service experiences. Solutions – such as a knowledge base article or an answer from another source – are delivered to the customer in their channel of choice. The always-learning AI also ensures new issues can quickly be understood and resolved.

If a request requires performing tasks, AI Customer Service offers automation using Conversational RPA. Over 1,200 pre-existing workflows are available and a low-/no-code visual workflow studio can be used to customize or create new ones.

When a solution is not available, customers can be escalated to live agents with all details included. Intelligent automation triages cases to improve resolution times. Agents working in Zendesk are offered next-best actions based on similar cases, knowledge articles, and other sources.

Interactive analytics with over 100 KPIs include:
- Session information
- Request resolution rates
- Knowledge article effectiveness

Aisera + Zendesk case studies

Join the AI customer service revolution!

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