Alert Wrong User by LEAFWORKS

Alert agents when requester/assignee changes to specific names or email domains.

Alert Wrong User by LEAFWORKS

Alert Wrong User app allows you to alert or prevent your agents from making requester and assignee changes into specific names or email domains. Example use cases:

  • Prevent agents from transferring tickets inside Zendesk to wrong internal teams.

  • Alert agents from erroneously changing requester emails to incorrect domains (e.g. from * to *

  • Alert agents when tickets are transferred to a specific team member (e.g. shift supervisor). * And many more.

Working in dynamic Zendesk environment often brings unwanted mistakes from your Agents. Both small and large multi-tiered teams can be affected by actions from a single agent. Large organizations are especially affected with daily ticket changes between teams in Zendesk, often decreasing customer experience due to erroneous transfer. Alert Wrong User app provides more control of where and to whom customer tickets are being assigned to, or how requester changes occur. By using js regex inside the app editor, you can:

  • Specify email domains to which assignees or requesters can't be changed.

  • Specify names to which assignees or requesters can't be changed.

  • Alert agents of assignee or requester changes, or completely prevent them.

  • Customize text inside alerts seen by agents.

  • Use different language variants in your alerts.

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or feature requests regarding this app.

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