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Unlock the Power of Global Multilingual Support with Lingpad!

Supercharge your multilingual customer support localization effortlessly with Lingpad, the ultimate AI tool for brands aiming to conquer international markets. Say goodbye to language barriers, cultural mishaps, and resource-draining localization processes. Lingpad is here to revolutionize your customer support on a global scale!

Some of our major clients include ABInBev, Rebtel, Veo, Renewtrak, Luxreaders, and more! Rebtel saw an increase of 7.5% in their CSAT score and a 100% growth in multilingual ticket volume.

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Save Time, Resources, and Costs:

🚀 Streamlined Automation: Automate the entire localization process with ease, thanks to our intelligent workflow systems and AI-powered translations.

💼 One Agent, Five Times the Power: Bid farewell to manual input and skyrocket your team's productivity. Watch as a single agent accomplishes the work of five, all within a fraction of the time.

💰 Cost-Effective Localization: Our competitive pricing helps you cut down on localization costs significantly. Enjoy exceptional results without draining your budget.

Unleash Seamless Language and Cultural Adaptation:

🌍 Flawless Translations: Overcome language barriers effortlessly with AI-driven translations that capture context and meaning flawlessly. Connect with your customers like never before.

🎭 Cultural Sensitivity: Delight customers worldwide by adapting your support to fit their cultural preferences. Lingpad has been trained with billions of human-translated words to ensure native-quality AI-powered translations. Thereby ensuring brand resonance with diverse audiences across the globe.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Possibilities:

🔗 Intuitive, No-code Integration: Lingpad seamlessly integrates with your Zendesk Support, harmonizing your support operations effortlessly.

⏱️ Effortless Workflow: Let automation take care of repetitive tasks, freeing up your team's valuable time to focus on providing outstanding support.

Consistency Breeds Success:

🤝 Unified Brand Experience: Maintain a consistent brand experience across all markets, no matter the language or location. Lingpad ensures your brand tone and standards shine through in every interaction.

📈 Enhance CSAT, NPS and Reduced TAT: Customer service is central to any business’s success, as it is ours at Lingpad. With Lingpad app for Zendesk, our clients see CSAT scores of over 90%, NPS of 9’s and 10’s, while the TAT (Turn Around Time) shortens with each completed ticket!

Embrace the Global Support Revolution with Lingpad! Experience the transformative power of AI-driven localization, saving you time, resources, and costs. Join leading brands who have already unlocked the door to global success. Sign up for Lingpad today and watch your customer support transcend borders!

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