Create child sub-tickets with one click. Link existing tickets.


Linker for messaging

Linker saves agent time while streamlining your escalation flows, specifically with messaging via persistent channels.

In our experience, 50% of client conversations with customers cover multiple topics. For better visibility and escalation, you need a way to separate different subjects into distinct flows. Manually creating new sub-tickets while chatting with a customer can be cumbersome, but with Linker, this is not a problem. Linker makes sub-ticket creation effortless, as it allows one to create child tickets with a single click.

Main features

  • Create sub-tickets with one click.
  • Track linked tickets status from the parent ticket or in Zendesk Explore
  • Create and configure child ticket templates for every situation.
  • (new) Prefill child tickets custom fields with data from parent ticket fields
  • (new) Allow to fill multiple custom fields with one click as configured in templates
  • (new) Link existing tickets

Please check this video to see how Linker works. linker short demo

Linker uses the Zendesk Sunshine platform, so all of your ticket data stays within Zendesk, and does not go to any 3rd party servers.

Free trial

The flat app fee is $29 per month after a 14-day trial. For annual payment options contact us via our help center at Existing OAPPS customers may get additional discount with LINKER coupon.

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We are looking for your feedback! please rate the app bellow or visit our help center to get our support

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