Hubware Insights & Automation

Supercharge your Zendesk with automation and machine learning

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⚡️ Hubware Insights & Automation

Supercharge your Zendesk and boost of productivity!

🚀 Boost the performance

Agents that use Hubware assess a major boost of productivity when replying to emails.

🤖 Automate frequent questions

Our solution can automate low value tasks and requests and maintain their pertinence in time.

🧭 Drive your customer support

We provide you with an analytics platform to identify the levers for optimizing your customer care.

💡 Be more reliable

We help your agents apply the right procedure and help managers monitor the compliance.

Over 50 automation features

  • Customer identification: We retrieve customer data to customize the answer
  • Reason for request detection: We automatically detect the question category
  • Draft Answers: We pre-write the reply that just needs to be sent
  • Ticket Routing: We automatically prioritise/filter your tickets
  • Customer information display: We display customer information on your helpdesk application
  • Auto-reply: The request is treated automatically you can parameter the reply time
  • Process management: We identify new processes in real time.
  • Process automation: We set buttons ordering actions to your Back-Office
  • Multiple suggestions: We suggest one or several answers related to the customer's request
  • Analytics Dashboard: Overview of request patterns and applied answers
  • etc.


All the data collected through our Application remains yours. It can be deleted from our servers at any time at your request, and can in no way be shared with 3rd parties.


Should you have any question, please contact us at the following email address:

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