Zuper Mobile Workforce Management

Efficiently manage your field service and mobile workforce with Zuper.

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Zuper is the most comprehensive field service and remote workforce management platform. With the Zendesk integration, you can now seamlessly connect customer support and customer service to improve productivity, efficiency and offer the best experience to your customers.

Use Zuper to empower your field technicians and combine the power of smart scheduling & dispatching, best-in-class work order management, smart inventory control and real-time visibility of workforce utilization to transform your operations. Dispatch the right person to the right place with the right knowledge, right tools at the right time, every time.

Below are the key capabilities of the Zuper platform:

  • Smart Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Work order Management
  • Location Tracking Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Quotation and Invoicing
  • Asset Management
  • Contract Management
  • Employee and Teams Management
  • Timesheet Management including biometrics and location awareness
  • Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • Mobile application in iOS and Android for your technicians
  • Master Data Management
  • Business Process Workflows
  • Notifications and Alerting
  • Out of box customization and extensibility
  • App Store containing integrations with many applications and tools

Join 1000s of organizations worldwide who are using the Zuper power to increase revenue, reduce cost of operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features of the Zuper-Zendesk integration:

  • Automatically create a service work order in Zuper from a ticket in Zendesk
  • Share notes from the Zendesk ticket into the service work order in Zuper
  • Publish status and work order notes from Zuper into the Zendesk ticket

Zupercharge your support and service teams, increase revenue, reduce cost of operations, and increase customer satisfaction. Organizations using Zuper have seen tremendous results

  • 50% increase in workforce productivity and utilization
  • 35% increase in service turnaround time
  • 45% increase in customer adoption and profitability
  • 30% reduction in operating costs

Connect with the Zuper team to learn more and schedule a demo.Reach out to zendesk@zuper.co

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