Automate quality assurance and achieve 100% coverage with Klaus QM suite

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Support teams from leading companies like Glovo, Epic Games, Grover, and Wise use Klaus to drive revenue through excellent customer service.

Leverage AI to pinpoint & fix gaps in your service before they become a problem. Automate quality management and achieve 100% coverage across agents, teams, BPOs, and countries. Collect more customer feedback through a fully customizable AI-powered CSAT survey solution.

Ultimately, using Klaus reduces churn, boosts CSAT, and results in better consumer reviews.

Klaus users report:

  • Time spent on QA cut down by 70%
  • Onboarded new support reps 2x faster
  • Boosted CSAT survey response rate to 30% and beyond

It’s the only true plug & play solution out there, offering instant access to AI-powered insights.

Our purr-ific features (for Zendesk, Intercom app stores and alike):

  • Automate & scale your QM processes
  • Standardize conversation reviews and achieve 100% coverage with AutoQA
  • Using AI to pinpoint problematic cases and what needs your attention
  • Automatic conversation sampling and discovery: know what to look for and review conversations that stand out for your team
  • No more spreadsheets – ensure consistency with automatic review assignments
  • Get rid of manual admin work and automate support QA operations
  • Review conversations where they happen with Klaus’ Browser extension

Spend less time on questionable results

  • Keep track of real-time KPIs and identify top and low-performers
  • AI-enhanced trends & insights to improve and fine-tune on the department, team, and individual level
  • Centralized data and standardization without losing out on personalization
  • Boost response rates with customizable CSAT surveys and AI-powered analytics, so you know what drives customer loyalty / Boost response rates and written feedback with Klaus’ customizable CSAT solution

Engage your agents through continuous feedback & targeted coaching

  • Track Internal Quality Score (IQS) & CSAT across support reps & teams
  • Close the feedback loop with regular 1-1s and coaching sessions
  • Collaboratively reinforce knowledge and maintain a high standard of customer support
  • Accelerate onboarding of new support reps

Happy Klausing! 🐱

➡️ Go to www.klausapp.com to learn more.

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