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Hassle-Free, Human Translations in 60+ Languages Integrated Inside Zendesk

Tired of faulty machine translations? Discover a new way to answer customer tickets in 60+ languages with the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk Support!

Translate By Humans brings your dreams of growing in new markets to life by delivering high-quality translations of customer support tickets in any language directly from the Zendesk user interface. A team of expert translators translates the responses to support tickets into the customers' native language.

We've done extensive translation work for clients like Google, Gulfstream, Nike, Vogue, Autodesk, Deloitte, and others and bring this expertise and experience to our translation app for Zendesk.

What's New

  • Auto Reply - Agents no longer need to wait to receive completed translations and then send them to clients. Enable this feature to send translations directly to your clients as soon as we've completed them!

  • Tags and Triggers - The Translate By Humans app allows you to create customized triggers using various tags available on the Zendesk App for appropriate ticket status views.

  • Custom Notification - You can now have the option of getting notifications right into your email inbox by enabling this feature.

  • Detailed Order Analyses Dashboard - Receive periodic reports and data to monitor new and recurring languages, number of requests, cost savings, and more.

Clients who are Winning at Multilingual Customer Service

We've helped numerous clients increase their CSAT scores, extend their international reach, and better their customer engagement.

Find out how global VoIP service provider Rebtel, continues to benefit from our app, here!

Here's a glimpse of the results after the first 6 months of using the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk:

  • 7.5% increase in CSAT score
  • 100% growth in multilingual ticket volume
  • 18% of costs saved through long-term pricing benefits
  • 79.3% increase in the number of supported languages from 29 to 52

Benefits of Human Translation

With the Translate By Humans app for Zendesk, you never need to rely on low-quality machine translations again! Benefit from translations that are:

  • Accurate: We've got you covered when it comes to high-quality, error-free translations.
  • Contextually Relevant: Unlike machines, our translations are never out of place so that you can do away with embarrassing errors.
  • Culturally Correct: Our native language experts ensure cultural nuances are taken care of while translating your ticket response.
  • Affordable: Our competitive pricing model makes sure that all businesses can get the benefit of high-quality translations, irrespective of their budget, scope or scale

Your search for translation services that keep pace with business growth ends here. Benefit from our scalable model that can meet the growing translation demands of your business.

Unique Features – Customized for your needs!

Our app has been designed to match your workflow and enhance productivity. We constantly upgrade the app using customer feedback and market research. Here are some unique features of our app that give us an edge over others:

  • A text box with editing tools such as bold and italics, bullet points, and paragraph-breaks to customize your response
  • A dual tab view that allows you to view all translations for a particular ticket in a single place
  • Live in-app notifications to keep track of completed translations to save precious time in responding to your customer
  • Customized translation memory (TM) and glossary for reduced pricing benefits
  • A quick turnaround time that helps agents respond to clients faster

If you are looking to localize your customer support with world-class translations that are quick and accurate, Translate By Humans is the right choice.

Benefit from a tool that brings a viable solution to the table, and also adapts to your needs. The result – increased customer trust, improved business reputation, and extensive business growth.

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