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Streamline your Call Center QA and stop struggling with spreadsheets

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Scorebuddy is a cloud based All in One Quality Assessment platform for Contact Center professionals to Find, Fix and Measure quality issues across all channels resulting in great customer experience and quantifiable results.

Find Quality Issues

  • Create custom scorecards with our intuitive Scorecard builder

  • Accurately discover root causes of quality issues

  • Conduct automated customer surveys linking quality to sentiment

  • Track and alert scores related to regulation & compliance

Fix Problems

  • Fix root causes of quality issues.

  • Improve agent performance through dashboards, self-scoring and collaboration.

  • Target course assignment and training, and track L&D with our integrated learning management system (LMS).

  • Improve customer experience, CSAT & NPS.

Measure Results

  • Conduct business/operational insight with trend analysis reports and dashboards.

  • Make the connection among quality, sentiment and training outcomes using data visualization.

  • Maintain evaluation consistency through calibration.

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The basics

  1. Easy integration with Zendesk
  2. No tricky setups, Scorebuddy is accessed via your internet browser
  3. Fully functional 30 Day Free Trial
  4. Talk to our team to view additional modules (LMS & Surveys)
  5. No long contracts; Scorebuddy is delivered as a rolling 1 month contract

Everything You Need for Quality

If using spreadsheets to monitor quality, we understand your pain. We know that relying on spreadsheets, you cannot view quality in a tactical or even strategic way. Scorebuddy provides the platform to build this framework, and take your quality to the next level.

Powerful Dashboards & Analytics

Dig deep into your call centres quality scores to carry out root-cause analysis, identify common pitfalls, broken processes, and training gaps, or catch people doing a good job! Our library of reports and dashboards allow you spot trends and exceptions so you can manage, train and improve.

Engage your Agents

Give agents their own dashboards showing quality scores and coaching tips. Our agent engagement and collaboration solution delivers real-time feedback, tasks and coaching tips to provide agents with performance improvement opportunities. Scorebuddy’s platform is proven to reduce attrition, providing transparency and collaboration through a simple intuitive portal.

Learning Management Made Easy

Our newly added LMS, streamlines customer service training, blending instructor lead sessions with online courseware, branded for your company. Track and evaluate your program ensuring learners understand and retain crucial information by adding exams or knowledge checks into courses.

Everything You Need for Customer Sentiment Analysis

Create your survey, select the number and type of ‘killer’ questions including multiple choice, NPS, CSAT, comments, and more. Instantly brand the survey and invite, with your company logo and colors.

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