Forward all comments and get external teams involved in conversation via e-mail


There are situations when you won't give contractors or external teams direct access to your Zendesk. With the Forwarder app, you can send an entire conversation, including private comments, to any external e-mail. Even more, they can reply to this e-mail, and it will be posted back into the originating ticket as a private comment.

Forwarding conversation is easy. Choose a recipient's e-mail address and press Forward all comments.

Watch demo here

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You can try Forwarder for 14 days for free.


  • Forward ticket comments in a few clicks

  • Receive replies back to the ticket

  • Attachment support for outgoing e-mails and replies

  • Improved address book

  • Send e-mail from your domain

  • Compress large attachments


Please contact us if you have any issues. You can report bugs and request new features in our Help Center

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