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Automate your lead follow up

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Verse is a lead conversion platform that helps businesses follow up and convert more leads into sales by instantly engaging new leads through a real 2-way text conversation, driven by powerful AI alongside highly trained reps. Qualified opportunities are then passed directly to your sales team so they can focus on the right opportunities, at the right time, and close more deals.

Our Zendesk Sell Integration helps businesses to engage with more prospects and capture these conversations automatically.

  • Prospects in Zendesk Sell are automatically synced with insightful information and sales context about the person from Verse.
  • Conversations with prospects are automatically captured within in real-time.
  • Sales reps can easily send new prospects to be engaged by Verse with a click of a button.
  • Sales reps can rate conversations with prospects from within the Verse app in Zendesk Sell.

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