ChurnZero is a Customer Success platform that helps you fight churn.

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Integrate your Zendesk Sell CRM to sync your Account and Contact info to ChurnZero.

ChurnZero allows you to understand how your customers use your product, assess their health and likelihood to renew, and give you the means to personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant customer touchpoints.

The ChurnZero platform will help you:

  • Fight customer churn

  • Expand current accounts

  • Increase product adoption

  • Optimize the customer experience

Benefits of ChurnZero’s integration with Sell

Real-Time Customer Success

Get intelligence that you can act on. Gain insights into which accounts are at-risk, which are your most prolific users, and everything in between. From logging user activity, to comparing customer segments, to scoring a customer’s likelihood to churn, ChurnZero has all the analytics you need.

Connect When Your Customers Are Most Engaged

With ChurnZero you can embed your messaging inside your app and easily reach your customers when they are most engaged (while they are using your product). This new communication channel will help your customers see you as a beneficial, organic part of their experience with your product.

Map and Track Customer Journeys

Journeys let you map out milestones and track the tasks and activities that will drive the customer through each phase of the lifecycle. You can set timelines for each milestone and for the journey overall, setting clear expectations for your processes internally and externally.

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