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Automatically sync contacts and deals to NetSuite

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Celigo's Zendesk Sell - NetSuite Quickstart Template gives you a complete view of your customers by automatically syncing key data between Zendesk Sell and NetSuite.

Kickoff your integration project with the following pre-built flows for the most essential use-cases:

  • NetSuite contacts to Zendesk Sell person contacts
  • NetSuite customers to Zendesk Sell company contacts
  • Zendesk Sell company contacts to NetSuite customers
  • Zendesk Sell deals to NetSuite sales orders
  • Zendesk Sell person contacts to NetSuite contacts.

The Zendesk Sell - NetSuite Quickstart Template is built on Celigo's iPaaS, integrator.io, saving your users' time! Celigo’s integrator.io connects apps, syncs data, and helps organizations automate business processes by providing a seamless experience for your users, customers and developers. One platform for all your integration needs.

Interested in trying it out yourself? Sign up for a free 30 day trial on integrator.io.

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