Incident Management Tools

Incident management tools

What are incident management tools?

Incident management tools are systems that allow organizations to log, organize, communicate and follow-through on incidents that may arise. Incident management tools help improve processes, reduce costs and prevent incidents from happening in the future. Clear and appropriate, no-fuss, incident management tools are key to ensuring transparency, expectation alignment, and ultimately — mutual satisfaction between you and your customers, partners, colleagues, and managers.

Follow your heart

Many of the businesses you know follow ITIL best practices, and while Zendesk is designed to accommodate these practices (we speak ITIL fluently), we've also followed our heart. We've taken the route of simplifying and opening up customer support to be lean and nimble with their customer issues. Zendesk enables ITIL processes without the typical ITIL tool complexity, so you can put your focus where it counts. Tailor your ITIL implementation for a perfect fit.

Aanbevolen werkwijzen

With our flexibility and analytics, you have a system that truly facilitates continuous improvement—the core ITIL tenet.
  • COLLECT - The easier you make it for customers to be in touch, the better you’ll be able to respond to and understand their needs. Zendesk offers multiple ways to collect requests and keep the conversation smooth: email, web portal, phone, forums, integration with your own site, and much more.
  • ORGANIZE - After collecting customer requests, they need to be sorted and prioritized so that they're properly identified and routed to the right people with the right skills with as few stations as possible. Rather than throwing all of your tickets in one huge inbox, Zendesk defines and routes incoming requests manually or automatically. Every ticket is described and assigned to an owner so everyone always knows exactly what is on his or her plate.
  • COMMUNICATE - When an issue arrives and your business processes kick in, make sure the right people are notified. Zendesk leverages many different channels – email, web, SMS, tweets, etc. – to make sure both your customer, your staff, and other stakeholders are up-to-date and in the loop.
  • FOLLOW-THROUGH - Unlike an open-ended email conversation, a support issue should have a well-defined path and solid closure. Within Zendesk, an issue always has a clear state that helps move it along from a new issue to a closed one. And you can set up rules that kicks in at deviations from your defined course.

Trust your intuition

Take a test drive of an incident management system that resolves more problems than you realized you had.

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