Automated ticketing system

Work smarter not harder

An automated ticketing system for customer service has some serious potential to speed up ticket resolution times. Not only can automated services provide quick answers to most support queries, it can make representatives more readily available to handle tougher issues that the robots can’t. That's there Zendesk Support comes in.

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Zendesk Support powered by machine learning provides extra assistance to agents, like with suggestions for how to best handle a particular issue. It automates answers to simple, repetitive questions so your team can focus on more complex tasks. Gives customers the information they need to resolve issues themselves because faster resolution times mean happier customers. And it can even leverage AI with your Zendesk Guide content to provide more informed answers–automatically. There’s no need for integrations with third-parties.

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So how does automated ticketing work?

  • A customer has a question: When a customer sends an email to a company, Answer Bot steps into help, scanning the text of the email to understand what the request is about
  • Answers are suggested: Answer Bot uses its powerful AI to find the most relevant articles. It suggests them in a reply to the customer while they wait for a response from a human agent
  • A ticket is solved: The customer reviews the articles and if an answer is found, they can mark their question as answered. The ticket is now solved
  • Or routed back to an agent: If a customer still needs help, their question would be answered as normal by an agent. Feedback is automatically collected to improve future suggestions

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