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We are in the relationship business, like it or not — and customer success matters. So does the revenue, churn, and analytics that customer success software can provide. New technology and changing modes of communication only make our relationships more complex. While Zendesk can't change this fact, we do build some impressive customer success software tools for communicating, organizing and managing customer relationships, that also happen to integrate and scale with your enterprise.

It's complicated. Isn't it?

Zendesk Support provides experiences in the clearest possible form, with no extra work between use and understanding. Everything lives in a single, dynamic help desk interface so it's easy to be productive and manage customer interactions.

With customer success being more complicated than ever, we strive to create experiences that are straightforward — we don't use design tricks to cover up a weak idea. We design software with the customer success team in mind, beauty that is both subtle and refined.

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Probleemloze integratie van kanalen

Give customers the choice to connect with you through the web, mobile, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other channel you want.

Stel uw klanten met uw snelheid tevreden

Use macros to respond quickly to standards requests with pre-defined actions.

Spreek dezelfde taal

Dynamically insert ticket content based on their preferred language so your agents don't have to do the translation.

Resolve issues faster

See where your customer has been prior to reaching out for support. While internal teams read and make private comments on tickets to provide the context needed to solve customer questions.

Will this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship? It's up to you to make the first move. Our trial is free...with no strings attached so you can find out.