Maak kennis met Zendesk Duet voor slechts $ 59. voor de perfecte combinatie van sales en support.
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Build relationships that count

Verbeter je productiviteit, processen en de zichtbaarheid van je pipeline met salesforce-automatiseringssoftware voor salesteams

Gain unprecedented pipeline visibility

Sell's intuitive user interface removes the friction from deal updates so reps and management are always able to access, analyze and collaborate on up-to-date and relevant deal data.

Prioritize leads and opportunities

Not all leads and opportunities are created equal. Keep your sales team focused on the highest value leads and deals through automated scoring rules, informed by Sell's full-funnel analytics.

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Turn customers into advocates

Happy customers not only buy more, they also promote your product or service to others. Sell provides the foundation for managing relationships and delivering customer happiness at scale.

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Enable a mobile sales team

Sell's #1 rated mobile sales application pairs enterprise-grade functionality with a consumer-grade user interface to deliver an ideal mobile sales experience.

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Drive sales actions with data

Find quick and easy answers to questions like, "Which deals will close this month?” and "Which deals am I about to lose?” These insights are easy to find and share across your organization so you can improve your sales process.

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Capitalize on leads

Sell integrates with your website and a host of marketing automation tools to instantaneously deliver leads to the sales team, while funnel tracking informs prioritization so reps can allocate time effectively.

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Explain the past and predict the future

Sell automatically tracks over half a million data points for every customer and turns them into reports that bring a scientific approach to the way you analyze and forecast your business.

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Alleviate administrative burden

Sell's consumer-grade user interface makes it easy to navigate with ease, while native productivity features remove the burden of administrative tasks and enable reps to focus on their deals.

Base CRM is now Zendesk Sell

If you’re in search of Base CRM, you’ve come to the right place. Base is now called Zendesk Sell. Use Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) to enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for sales teams.


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Sell's products eliminates the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialing, lead scoring, reporting and more.