Fitzgerald is a beautiful and highly customizable theme for Zendesk Guide. It is designed to serve as a solid foundation on which to build an amazing knowledge base for your customers.
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*Requires Guide Professional or above

About the theme

The Fitzgerald theme features:

  • Stylish custom category and article lists from our Pattern Library.
  • Search functionality and list of all categories available on all pages.
  • A clean, easy to navigate layout.

In addition, all of our themes comes with:

We’re so confident in the quality of our themes that we offer a warranty on our work, guaranteeing a bug-free launch.

Customize without compromise

Because Fitzgerald, like other themes in our extensive collection of Zendesk themes, is built on top of our powerful theme customization framework, you can make changes easily, rapidly prototype ideas and even copy elements directly from other themes or our ever-growing Pattern Library.

Examples of such elements include:

And the list goes on.

But wait, there’s more

Is your goal is to create a truly unique customer self-service masterpiece? Purchasing the Complete Theming Package through our website gives you everything above plus:

  • Every theme in our collection, as well as new ones as they are released. Copy-and-paste the parts that you like from any theme.
  • Our entire range of plugins, which allow you to easily inject commonly-used knowledge base functionality into a theme.
  • Helpful code snippets, which include tips and tricks like transforming the standard form selection dropdown into an engaging list.
  • A multi-brand license, allowing you to use any combination of our themes and plugins in all of your account’s branded Help Centers.
  • Free theme installation and premium support to kick start your customization work.

Of course, if you’d prefer for us to take care of everything end-to-end, we can do that too. Our framework allows us to rapidly create custom themes or extend existing ones in new and exciting ways.

Whether you’re looking for a quick off-the-shelf solution or the tools to build an incredible self-service portal for your customers, we have what you need. Deliver an amazing self-service experience to your customers today!

Theme details

Price (USD)
Standard license
Provides a pre-built theme that you can enable directly in your Help Center. Standard licenses don't provide access to the source code and only allow preconfigured settings.
Standard license : $ 389
Developer license
Provides a pre-built theme with access to the theme code, meaning you can customize the theme to your needs. Available for Guide Professional and Enterprise only.
Developer license : $ 489

Themes install directly into your account.


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