Unlimited Translations + Sentiment

Automatic ticket translation without a subscription

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No monthly fee, no characters limit 🎈

Enable your support agents to communicate in multiple languages without limits. No external subscription is required for the app to work and your text translations are not sent to any third parties. Enjoy unlimited characters translation as well as language and sentiment detection.

Much more than a translation tool

Words tell a story that is sometimes hard to interpret. This app will automatically describe the conversation sentiment as Negative, Neutral or Positive and detect the customer's language. This information is available in custom fields you can use to build personalized workflows such as Auto-escalation (if NEGATIVE, then..) or Auto-routing (if FRENCH, then..).

Faster responses, better accuracy 🎯

  • Detect the ticket sentiment and the Customer-Agent language pair.
  • Automatically translate your customer's last reply.
  • Translate your own text without leaving Zendesk.
  • Classify your ticket with a predefined tag (BETA)
  • Lower your costs and improve your CSAT scores.

Currently supports 60 languages for auto-detection, and the following for translation: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Estonian, Ukrainian, Farsi, Bulgarian, Norwegian (Ny/Bo), Catalan, Icelandic. Sentiment and Classification are in Beta. They are generated whenever the initial request is in English (or translated to English). Looking for custom translation models? Contact us at support@canadesk.ca!

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