Simplify supervisors’ roles through the use of AI and human expertise.

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Being a customer service manager can be challenging. Supervisors have to lead and manage their teams, issue performance monitoring and reports, train, coach, and support agents, assure a high service quality is provided to customers, and finally ensure the team is keeping up with the key performance indicators (KPI).

Loopy helps streamline the entire support operation making their lives easier. We empower team leaders with extraordinary capabilities, while our AI Supervisor handles the tedious data interpretation, supervisors can concentrate on more human tasks, such as lead, manage, and support their teams.

Together, we will make running customer service teams straightforward and stress-free.


  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring Loopy automatically measures agent effort and requests agent feedback to detect the exact cause of difficulties during customer interactions.

  • Real-Time Agent Dashboard Loopy provides agents the opportunity to track their overall daily performance, as well as their ticket performance, providing instant feedback.

    • Turn Data into Actionable Insights Loopy tracks, evaluates and analyzes data, to later provide team leaders with valuable insights and actionable recommendations that will help teams reach their goal.

Give your Team Leaders SUPERPOWERS Loopy alerts team leaders when something is wrong with their operation, providing them with detailed reports on how their team is performing.

Support your Team Faster Loopy facilitates real-time collaboration, enabling agents and team leaders to easily connect and resolve difficult or escalated tickets.

Track Agent Journey and Easily Identify Anomalies Loopy analyzes large volumes of interactions, tracking the agent journey to easily identify anomalies in the support operation. This allows supervisors to identify patterns and provide the insights required to guide employee training needs.

Want to know what are the most expensive ticket types? What are the most expensive support channels? Or which BPO is most cost-effective? Loopy is here to help you identify this and much more. Get to know which tickets are causing more friction, which agents need additional training, and what interactions can be easily automated.

How it Works The tool is designed to work seamlessly on your Chrome browser. It´s setup and implementation is easy, fast, and effortless. Loopy integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Kustomer, and JIRA.

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