Ticket Redaction

An app for redacting portions of text or attachments from Zendesk Support tickets

  • Permanently redact personal information from tickets
  • Bulk redaction and preview of ticket attachments
  • Easy to use copy/paste interface for redacting text

The app uses Zendesk's Redaction API and provides a simple and usable interface for Zendesk Support agents and administrators to easily redact strings of text or attachments from a ticket. Now you can permanently redact sensitive data, such as ID numbers, credit cards, passwords, attachments, etc. from your tickets. Redaction events are noted in a ticket’s audit log so customers can be aware data has been deleted.

Agents are required to have delete ticket permission in order to use this app.

NOTE: The Zendesk Ticket Redaction app is not supported on Zendesk’s Agent Workspace. Zendesk Agent Workspace includes native ticket redaction capabilities that are more comprehensive and recommended over the Ticket Redaction app. The Ticket Redaction app completely deletes data from Zendesk Support databases, but does not purge existing logs when the ticket data was originally created. Zendesk recommends uninstalling this app and using the native redaction if an account is on Agent Workspace.

By enabling this app, You agree to the Built by Zendesk Terms of Use."

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